DLL injection is the process by which you run an external code to influence the behaviours of a computer program. A DLL inject a tool or software that is used to inject or forces an external code to into the process running on a program.

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On this post, we have reviewed some of the best freemium software who main purpose to carry out DLL injection. Without consuming much time let take off to the review

1. DLL Injector

dll injector

This is a simple software that is used for DLL injection. It has tons of positive reviews as well a simple and easy to navigate through the interface.

Some Additional Features

  •  Comes with a manual
  • Displays CPU performance and memory usage
  •  Simple and organized interface

2. DLL vaccine

dll vaccine

DLL vaccine is an awesome DLL injection software that comes bundled with its manual and automatic injection functions. The software is simple and has an easy to navigate through the interface.

Some Additional Features

  • Displays the CPU performance and the memory consumed
  • Easy to initialize and stop a the injection process
  • Well outlined interface

3. Auto DLL injector

auto dll injector

4. InjectedDLL


Auto DLL injector is a simple and small software that allows users to inject DLL codes into running processes with less hassle.

Some Additional Features

  • User-friendly, well-outlined interface
  • Automatically runs the injection process



6. SQL Power Injector

sql injector

7. Android Injector

android injector

How to install DLL Injector software.

You can install any of the above DLL injector software on your computer by simply clicking on the link provided and they will redirect you to the download page. Click on the download link and from that point the download process will initialize. After the download is complete click on the file and instaling process will be initialized and with several clicks, you will have the software installed on your PC. Installing any of the DLL injecting software requires no special skill and thus everybody can do it if they have ever installed any software before. The software discussed here can run on almost every computer model running on Windows Operating System. So you don’t have to worry about system specification requirements.

How to choose the best DLL Injector Software

Out of hundreds of DLL Injection software available on the internet today, it gets hard to choose the best software you can work with. On this post, we discussed some of the best DLL injection software according to their performance, features, and customer experience. Choosing the DLL Injection Software, you need to consider the features you need and the tasks you want the software to work for you. Having consider these few factors selecting the best software can be quite easy for you. Having DLL injection software that will work right for and carry out the injection process smoothly is the ultimate goal for every one and that the main reason we came up with this list.

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