Printing hard copies of essential documents is pricey, and handing them out to people who need them is taxing. Although, with existing digital solutions nowadays, you can start going digital and complete these menial tasks with just a few clicks. If you are here to look for one, then you are in the right place. Secure your very own document control software today and start enjoying its benefits.

10+  Document Control Software

1. MasterControl



Rating: 5/5

Price: $199/Month


2. DocXellent



Rating: 4.4/5

Price: $7500.00/Year


3. Intelex



Rating: 5/5

Price: $12.5/Month


4. eFileCabinet



Rating: 5/5

Price: $1200/Year


5. DocuWare



Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $225/Month


6. Document Locator

document locator


Rating: 5/5

Price: $22/Month


7. OpenKM



Rating: 5/5

Price: $4000/Year


8. ComplianceQuest



Rating: 5/5

Price: $30/Month


9. Seismic



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $15/Month


10. Microsoft



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Free


11. QMS



Rating: 5/5

Price: $300/Month


What Is Document Control Software?

Document control software is a digital solution designed to help businesses manage and control electronic documents to ensure compliance and keep up to date with regulatory changes. It has approval process controls to limit who can access a specific document. Also, it records the history regarding the changes made to the contents. For easier access, it integrates the data in a centralized platform. 

When you use this software, you can digitize and simplify content collaboration to allow the people in your team or department to make appropriate changes. In addition, it has database security which also heightens the protection of your documents.


With this software, you can access workflow automation capabilities for streamlining the complicated and lengthy tasks involved in controlling documents. It eliminates the need for doing it manually and for printing hard copies. That said, equipping this technology in your digital toolkit will help you cut necessary expenses and reduce your workload.


The software market has plenty of document control solutions to offer. They can all help you with your needs, although considering that they specialize in varying things, they can help you distinctly. That said, to single out the software that can help you the way you want it to, you should consider essential factors such as their compatibility with the size of your businesses and the digital devices they support. Also, there are several software packages and subscription plans to take into account. To help you, here are some essential features that you should consider during your selection process:

  • Custom document control workflows
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document tracking tools
  • Document organizer
  • Document version control
  • Content collaboration tools
  • Document management functionalities
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Third-party applications integration

Top 10 Document Control Software

1. Microsoft

With Microsoft document control software, you can use audit trail features and collaboration tools. They have employed 182,268 people and have 161 billion dollars in revenue.

2. Seismic

Seismic is a digital asset management solution with data synchronization and compliance management functionalities. They have 1,000 people working for them and have a revenue of 210 million dollars.

3. MasterControl

This quality management solution offers task management and approval process control functionalities to its users. They have 626 employees and have a generated revenue of 90.8 million dollars.

4. Intelex

With this software, you can access risk management and compliance tracking capabilities. They have 600 employees working for them and have 80 million dollars in revenue.

5. DocuWare

When you use this digital solution, you can use functionalities for content management tools and access permission controls. They have 76.4 million dollars in revenue and have 350 employees.

6. ComplianceQuest

ComplianceQuest provides its users with document coding and audit management features. They have a generated revenue of 37 million dollars and have 180 people working for them.

7. eFileCabinet

This document management system has tools for workflow management and file sharing. They have 92 people in their team and have a revenue of 25 million dollars.

8. Document Locator

Approval process controls and automated routing capabilities are accessible in this software. Its developer, ColumbiaSoft, has 11.2 million dollars and has 51 employees in its team.

9. DocXellent

When you use this software, you can utilize compliance management and file recovery tools. They have a revenue of 3.3 million dollars and have 23 people on their team.

10. OpenKM

OpenKM is open-source software with document generation and file conversion capabilities. They have six employees working for them and over 1 million dollars in revenue.


What is document management software?

Document management software is an all-in-one solution for a paperless office. It provides a platform for storing and organizing essential documents. Also, it provides digital tools that allow its users to generate, customize, and capture content. This platform also has functionalities for document scanning and tracking. It also streamlines the retrieval and distribution of documents.

Why is document control essential?

The practice of document control is crucial to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It also helps in limiting who gets access to specific documents by requiring usernames and passwords. Controlling documents also allows you to keep tabs on the modifications and ensures that you can access the correct information at the right time.

What are the responsibilities of a document controller?

Document controllers for varying organizations are also responsible for different things. Although, their job description also contains overlapping tasks. One of these tasks includes maintaining confidentiality on certain documents, scanning documents for errors, storing files, and utilizing documentation tools to distribute and organize them. This job position also entails managing compliance with standards and requirements.

Documents are a crucial part of running businesses. That said, the more efficient you deal with them and the more accurate you are, the bigger your chances of growing your business. That said, amplify your efforts and maximize your results by leveraging appropriate digital solutions. Make your choice today and download the best document control software for you.

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