In the present tech dominated scenario, we get to see and use numerous type of files each day. And we may face lot of inconvenience if we are not able to read the doc files properly, just because we do not have a compatible DocX viewer software. And then, installing a MS Office system seems an uphill task because of its time and cost both.

Hence, to cut your task short, here are few free DocX viewer software which will help you in viewing as well as editing your documents.

1. Free Doc Viewer

free doc viewer

As the name goes, Free Doc viewer enables you to view and print the Word and Excel files without bothering about MS Office.Get Free Doc Viewer if you searching for simple yet valuable and light DocX viewer software. What Free Doc Viewer has to offer?

  • Document can be converted to PDF format as well.
  • Light weight software and easy to install
  • Compatible with all versions Windows OS
  • Very simple to use

2. DocX Viewer

docx viewer

Having an older version of MS Word??? No issues. DocX viewer is compatible with the out dated versions as well. Install DocX Viewer if you are in need of a smaller size software which is able to handle all of your files. DocX Viewer gives you

  • Extremely simple user interface
  • All sorts of formatting can be done
  • Printing and Copying can be done

3. Free File Viewer

free file viewer

A Docx viewer software which is a music player as well. Free File Viewer is compatible with almost 200 file formats. Download Free File Viewer if you looking for an all in one software. Free File Viewer serves you with

  • Viewing DocX files, PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Also supports audio and video file formats
  • Enables you to open text and binary files

4. Word Viewer

word viewer

A free application for all sorts of word files and formats.Get your hands on Word Viewer if you want a small yet powerful Doc Viewer. Word Viewer features:

  • No risk of Macro Virus and other malware
  • Compatible with almost all types of formats
  • Editing of all sorts

5. Test Maker Viewer

test maker viewer

A small and simple DocX viewer.Grab Test Maker Viewer if you need a software free from all sorts of bloat ware. Test Maker viewer comes with

  • Universal Compatibility
  • No extra plug ins needed
  • Enables all sorts of formatting

6. Word Reader

word reader

An easy to use and compact DocX viewer software.Download Word Reader if you want a multi lingual software. Word Reader gives you

  • A very straightforward user interface
  • Swift response
  • Highest quality of Docs.

7. Universal Viewer

universal viewer

Its job is very much similar to its name. It can open documents of all formats. Install Universal Viewer for its versatility. Universal Viewer offers you

  • Wide range of formats
  • Updates of the MS version doesn’t matter
  • No heavy installations

Well, here you have gone through the most reliable and popular DocX viewer software. Put a zero on the one which suits you and your computer the best.

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