The following games listed are perfect for kids. Laden with lesson themed stages, these games with beautiful colours and background will keep your child entertained and inspired.

Download these games available for free trial in the platforms of Windows, Android, Mac OS X etc.

1. Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdom – A Fantastic New Adventure

dora saves the crystal kingdom

Download Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdom if you want a game set in a magical kingdom

  • Dora and Boots will travel through the world to save the kingdom
  • Mythical and fantastic creatures such as dragons, giant catterpillars included
  • Each episode accentuates literacy, numeracy, pattern recognition etc.

2. Dora’s Carnival Adventure – A Kid Game From Nickolodeon

doras carnival adventure

Check out Dora’s Carnival Adventure if you want to enhance your child’s abilities in a fun-filled way

  • Play Ten games in this episode with Dora and her friends
  • Win tickets and use it for extending the play
  • Improves counting skills, hand to eye coordination and memory skills

3. Dora Saves The Snow Princess – A Thrilling Game For Your Kids

dora saves the snow princess

Install Dora Saves The Snow Princess , a game set in a frozen land filled with magical things

  • Save the Princess with the help of Dora from the clutches of the evil witch
  • Game filled with inpiring and mind sharpening puzzles
  • Cons: Tends to repeat the same objects a lot

4. Dora’s Carnival 2: At The Boardwalk – A Game For Ages 3-6

doras carnival 2 at the boardwalk

Download Dora’s Carnival 2: At The Boardwalk if you want a stepping stone game for your kid

  • Play 10 different boardwalk themed games and win tickets
  • Helps in building skill sets in numbers, counting, hand-to-eye coordination
  • Provides basic knowledge in Spanish language

5. Dora’s Fun Fun Run – The Ultimate Dora Game For Smartphones

doras fun fun run

Check out Dora’s Fun Fun Run if you want a Dora game for your android

  • Helps in improving cognitive skills, logical thinking and also stimulates memory
  • Will train their brain with creativity and imagination
  • Simple gameplay settings which will help your toddler to play with ease

6. Dora Russia Run

dora russia run

The trial versions of these games are available for free. Buy them for accessing the full version which includes unlimited playing time for your kids. Download them now!

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