Are you in quest for a good email recovery software application? Email recovery is necessary when you accidentally delete important emails. To your rescue there is a great host of email recovery software programs.

But the good news is that we have come up with a list of best email recovery software applications today that will help when you are looking for the most credible options.

1. Recuva


Recuva is a popular email recovery software application which will recover emails, music, picture, documents, videos & any other lost files. In fact, it will recover the files from even rewritable media such as external hard-drives, memory cards, USB sticks & more. Thus, with Recuva, you can always be sure of better recovery possibilities.

2. Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery

stellar phoenix deleted email recovery

It is one of the most powerful email recovery software applications. The software is equipped to safely recover your deleted or lost emails from Outlook Express (DBX) files and MS Outlook (PST) files. It will efficiently recover the lost attachments, notes and contacts & can even reveal counter for the mail folders.

3. Recover MyEmail

recover myemail

This software application is handy for you if you have mistakenly deleted emails for it can recover mails for all popular Outlook versions. The software will repair corrupted Outlook PST & Outlook Express files and will save the recovered email messages into an error-free new EML or Outlook PST file.

4. Outlook PST Recovery Tool

outlook pst recovery tool

The software here is able to recover the Mailbox items, including emails, journals, task, to-do lists and so on. It will even work on password-protected emails. It also helps in recovering damaged & corrupted PST files & create fresh PST files. You don’t need to install Microsoft Outlook for running the software.

5. EaseUS Email Recovery Wizard

easeus email recovery wizard

With this application you get a an advanced email recovery software that can efficiently recover the deleted and lost emails, calendars, folders, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts & attachments from corrupt PST file. It will read the deleted /lost emails without modification of existent content & will restore your lost data in some new file.

6. Easy Mail Recovery

easy mail recovery

The software program recovers deleted messages from corrupted Outlook & Outlook Express files. The program supports the PST-files created through popular Microsoft Outlook versions & can work with the DBX files as well. It’s simple to use the software & the application deploys original algorithms that help in the recovery of massive messages.

7. Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery

disk doctors outlook mail recovery

The popular mail recovery software application can recover mail messages, appointments, folders, meeting requests, tasks, contacts, notes in the PST files. It will recover the mail messages into plain text, HTML and RTF formats. In fact, the Disk Doctors software is equipped to recover all the properties of your email like email subject, id

8. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

minitool power data recovery

This is a very efficient mail recovery software program that can scan all the file formats as well as each sector of your hard disk while looking to restore lost emails. Then, the software also assures a pro touch to music recovery, photo recovery or video recovery. It is available for Windows users.

Email recovery software for various platforms

This is to note here that there are various email recovery software applications for various platforms. If the one you are taking to does not match up with your system’s operating system, it won’t work. There are some software that exclusively work for Windows or Android or Mac but some can work for all the systems as well.

9. Free Windows email recovery software

free windows email recovery software

If you are looking for a good Free Windows email recovery software, Windows Live Mail Recovery  would be a great option for you. The software assures a secured and quick recovery of emails and you will get two options here. One is “Scan Email Store” that will recover recent accidentally deleted messages. The other is “scan entire disk” which will recover emails removed years back.

10. Free Android email recovery software

free android email recovery software

When it comes to top Free Android email recovery software, Undelete Beta is always a good option. The software will recover all the important data from your Android device such as emails, audios, messages, videos & photographs. Whether you want to recover files from SD card or internal memory, just specify the location and the program would do the hard task for you.

11. Free Mac email recovery software

free mac email recovery software

If you are looking for Free Mac email recovery software, Mac Free Any Data Recovery  would be a great choice. The software is equipped to retrieve emails, music, photos, videos & many other documents. It will recover your lost files from your computer as well as other forms of storage devices like mobile phones, external hard-drives, USB drives, iPods, digital cameras and so on.

12. Most popular email recovery software for 2016

If you are looking for Most popular email recovery software for 2016, Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery would be a great choice. This is a comprehensive email recovery program that will recover the deleted mails from Outlook Express and MS Outlook email clients. It can work on encrypted & password protected PST files. Then, it can restore RTF & HTML message formatting.

What is email recovery software?

Well, as the name suggests, email recovery software is a software application that is designed to recover the lost or deleted emails. These can work on both emails deleted recently and those deleted years back. The best ones in the market can recover the email files from your computer’s internal memory as well as other forms of storage devices like mobile phones, external hard-drives, USB drives, iPods, digital cameras etc. Added to email recovery, some of the cutting edge mail recovery applications can recover other documents and files such as music, photos, videos and so on. Many of them are free to download.

How to install email recovery software

To install email recovery software, you have to select your chosen software and then download it from its official website. But before you download, make sure the software is compatible with your operating system. You will find the “installation link” on the website, packed with installation instructions to install the software.

Benefits of email recovery software

Emails are a major means of communication today, bet it for business or personal use and hence email messages play a vital role in our life. In such a situation if you accidentally delete a crucial client email, just imagine how severe the impact would be on your business. This is where the benefits of email recovery software come in. With just one click of the mouse, the software can retrieve the lost or deleted emails, saving you sleepless nights. These software applications can also retrieve the attachments related to the recovered email along with other important pertinent data such as subject, cc, bcc etc.

It just takes one accidental click to delete an important email unmindful while the effect of such deletion could be massive. But when you have an email recovery software by your side, you can easily have the peace of mind knowing that even when you have accidentally lost or deleted the crucial mails there is some way to get them back.

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