Any strategy implemented to ensure digital information security and privacy must include encryption. You may download a lot of tools and services from the internet to encrypt your files and folders. You must be aware of the top encryption programs on the market today if you are serious about safeguarding your data.

10+ Best Encryption Software For PC

1. Bitdefender GravityZone

bitdefender gravityzone


Rating: 5/5

Price: $517.99/year


2. McAfee MOVE AntiVirus

mcafee move antivirus


Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Custom


3. Cryptohill



Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


4. NordLocker



Rating: 5/5

Price: $3.99/Month


5. StayPrivate



Rating: 4.3/5

Price: $15.00/Month


6. PKWARE Smartcrypt

pkware smartcrypt


Rating: 4.2/5

Price: Custom


7. AxCrypt



Rating: 5/5

Price: $2.92/Month


8. Veracrypt Encryption Software



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: FREE


9. Boxcryptor



Rating: 5/5

Price: $48.00/Year


10. Sophos Central Device Encryption

sophos central device encryption


Rating: 3.8/5

Price: $20/Year


11. Check Point Endpoint Media Encryption and Port Protection

check point endpoint media encryption and port protection


Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


What Is Encryption Software?

To restrict unauthorized access to digital information, encryption software use cryptography. Digital information delivered to other computers through the Internet and stored on computers are both protected by cryptography. To lock and unlock data, this software employs a very long sequence of digits that serves as a key.


In the environment we currently live in, data breaches are quite regular. There are techniques to safeguard yourself, even though that isn’t ideal. To improve and safeguard their valuable data, people and organizations must now educate themselves and learn how to use encryption software. With encryption software, you may communicate and interact online with ease for either personal or professional purposes without having to worry about brute-force assaults, hackers, or other prying eyes trying to access your sensitive information.


Fortunately, modern digital development also offers several benefits in offering the answers you require. Encrypting your files is one of the greatest ways to safeguard them in this situation. When you encrypt your files, you can quickly stop illegal data access, file tampering, and data loss. These are the top 5 characteristics of encryption software that you need to know about.

Top 10 Encryption Software

1. Folder Lock

The top encryption app for Android on our list is Folder Lock, a flexible and simple-to-use program with options for Windows and iOS, iPhone, and Android. Your files and folders can be completely encrypted, password-protected, and backed up to the cloud.

2. Concealer

Mac users can effortlessly encrypt everything, from files and folders to their credit card credentials, all inside a single user interface that is simple to operate for the low price of $19.99. As it offers dual password management security for both the primary encrypted repository and any individual files included within it, this is without a doubt the best and safest encryption software currently available for Macs.

3. NordLocker

NordLocker offers a complete Mac and Windows file encryption system starting at $47.88 per year, synching your encrypted vault of data to the cloud with 500GB of space automatically.

4. Boxcryptor

Users of Boxcryptor can send encrypted data from an infinite number of devices to an infinite number of supported cloud storage servers, including Google Drive and Dropbox, for a starting price of $48 per year. A substantial free edition is now available, allowing you to use two or more devices and one cloud security server.

5. Steganos Safe 22

Steganos is one of the most reasonably priced premium encryption programs on the market, costing $17.49 for 5 Windows PC licenses. It functions well, enabling you to send files safely to a third-party cloud storage provider and keep up to 2TB of encrypted data locally.

6. AxCrypt

AxCrypt, which works on both Mac and Windows and costs $45 per copy, is a powerful encryption tool with a plethora of user-friendly options. AxCrypt includes everything you need to communicate encrypted files and messages between two persons, including the ability to decrypt, edit, and re-encrypt files without any hassle.

7. CryptoForge

Choose from four distinct encryption techniques with CryptoForge, a good all-around encryption solution for Windows. For a simple to use and lightweight software experience, it can function smoothly from Windows Explorer and the right-click context menu.

8. SensiGuard

SensiGuard, which costs $39 for a single license and does all the functions a competent encryption tool should, can also encrypt any selected files and folders. To save local storage, it also heavily compresses them.


SecureIT is unique in that it offers a variety of encryption techniques and enables you to send auto-decrypting messages to other people. The encryption is also extended to any attached disks and removable devices.

10. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is an encryption application that is open-source and boasts some of the most cutting-edge capabilities of any app we’ve tested. Everything is capable of being encrypted, including your operating system as well as files and disks. A dependable recovery disc or USB stick will get you back inside if something goes wrong.


What function does encryption software serve?

File encryption ensures that your files remain safe while in storage or transit. Here is why file encryption software is important: Data stored on servers and computers is often exposed to hacking attacks, so file encryption protects your data from unauthorized users.

What is an example of encryption?

Sensitive information should always be encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing it. For instance, websites that send bank account and credit card details encrypt sensitive data to guard against fraud and offer identity theft protection.

How safe is encryption?

Encryption is typically secure. Encrypted data is safer than unencrypted data when it is sent and stored. When using a web browser or mobile app, the typical user automatically employs encryption numerous times every day. Manual file encryption is secure with careful management of the decryption keys.

Encryption protects data when a device is lost or stolen. Anyone with the hardware can’t access encoded data. This is true for software that encrypts whole disks and the OS.

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