A big change in your life is coming up. Announce to everyone this milestone of your engagement through a good invitation to send to their hand. Weddings will require a chunk of your budget, so consider cutting costs on your engagement party by using DIY invitation cards.You can look for Invitation Templates instead of paying someone to make invitations for you. Customize the template that you find interest in and tweak it to your liking. There are plenty of options online with different designs and themes. Check with your partner and decide together on what template you want to download.

Engagement Party Invitation Template

engagement party invitation template

Printable Engagement Invitation Template

printable engagement invitation template

Indian Style Engagement Invitation

indian style engagement invitation

DIY Engagement Invitation Template

diy engagement invitation template

Rustic Engagement Invitation Template

rustic engagement invitation template

Free Engagement Invitation Template

free engagement invitation template

How are Engagement Invitations Styled?

The couple’s interest and taste can affect the design of a wedding invitation. Stay hands-on with your DIY invitations and select among the available designs you can find. To narrow down the choices you have for your engagement Party Invitations, here are some options for you to consider.

This hippie style will give your invitations more earthy vibe. It uses old materials that you find in nature like paper twines, feathers, and dried leaves. Aside from that, this style mostly uses brown, white, and other monochrome colors. Choose this if you want something simple and less glittery.

Nothing beats the classic. Go old-school with vintage designs and get that nostalgic feel as you look at your invitation. Like rustic, vintage style also uses monochrome colors. You can also make it more old-school by using a black-and-white color scheme. If you want to go with a classic feel, this style is for you.

If you prefer softer designs with lively and vibrant colors, you may want to consider floral designs. From its name, this style uses flowers as its main decoration on your invitations. Most of the time, this has a white background to bring more focus on the flowers.

Sample Engagement Invitation Template

sample engagement invitation template

Photo Creative Engagement Card

photo engagement invitation template

Engagement Invitation Card Template

engagement invitation card template

Cute Engagement Invitation Template

cute engagement invitation template

Engagement Announcement Invitation Card

engagement announcement invitation card


Make Low Budget Invitations

Since you already know about the styles, the next thing you need to know are basic tips for your invitation making. This will help you get started with your engagement invitations and will also be applicable to your Wedding Reception Invitations.

  • Make a final count for all the guests you want to invite. When you have an estimate, add a bit of extra for the number of invitations you want to make. Since the materials are bought in bulk, you can get a proper count on how much you need, given the number of invitations that have to be made.
  • Review your layout and design before printing. Avoid discarding a bunch of finished invitations just because you made a mistake prior to printing. Have a thorough look at your designs and scrutinize every detail to perfection. You can enlist another eye to check — be it your partner, friend, or someone else.
  • Ditch envelopes and give it directly. Envelopes will only add to your expenses. Instead, you can use ribbons and stylish twines to loop and seal your invitations. It would make them unique and more appealing without the expensive cost.


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