It’s important for engineering teams to keep track of their projects, which can be overwhelming and easy to lose track of. With engineering project management software, teams can easily keep track of their engineering projects as it provides, project management tools in software engineering. Here are some of the best engineering project management software

4+ Engineering Project Management Software

1. Asana



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: FREE





Rating: 5/5

Price: FREE


3. Easy Projects

easy projects


Rating: 5/5

Price: $24/month


4. Accelo



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: FREE


5. Monday.Com



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: FREE


What Is Engineering Project Management Software?

Engineering project management software is a specialized project management software that allows engineers and engineering teams to manage and keep track of their engineering projects. This project management in software engineering enables users to communicate with their teams easily thanks to its streamlined experience.


Engineering project management software allows engineers to work effectively with the software’s centralized setup. The civil engineering project management software also helps engineering teams be provided with specific engineering tools and features available. The engineering project tracking software can also help employees to keep track of their pending projects and tasks that are assigned, with the software being available as a mobile app that ensures users are up to date with their new projects and pre-existing tasks.

The project management in software engineering also helps employers and project managers to streamline their workflow process as the software’s employee monitoring software tools help them to analyze whether these teams are productive and highly been facial for the company, and not the other way around. The software for engineering project management also helps users be provided with a timeline agenda, allowing teams to be assigned d to a bag on the same page.


Engineering project management software should be able to prove tools for employers and team leaders to create new projects, assignments, and tasks and manage. These tasks should be able to be seen by the employees when they log in to their accounts on these websites. The software project management in software engineering should be able to provide financial management software tools such as budgeting software tools and expenses tracking software tools that allow users to keep track of the expenses made to execute the project versus the expected budget. The software for engineering project management should also provide various calendar view options that allow teams to see the timeline of their projects and their tasks the way they see it, either through calendar software views or kanban board set-up. All of these features and tools in this software should be optimized for use for engineering project use in mind.

  • Create and manage engineering projects and tasks
  • Financial management tools
  • Various calendar view options
  • All features and tools optimized for engineering projects

Top 5 Engineering Project Management Software

1. Easy Projects

Easy Projects provides engineering teams with work management software that helps them measure the success of their projects. Easy Projects has 47 employees and earns annual revenue of $6.8 million.

2. Asana

Asana helps company industries including engineering to keep track of their projects so they can execute their big projects flawlessly. Asana has 1,769 employees and earns annual revenue of $256.5 million.

3. Monday.Com

Monday.Com provides simple and engaging project management software that allows teams of various industries including engineering to execute and manage their projects effectively. Monday.Com has 838 employees and earns a revenue of $161 million.

4. Accelo

Accelo’s data analytics software provides engineering teams data solutions that aim to boost their workplace productivity that can possibly increase their profits. Accelo has 110 employees and earns annual revenue of $16 million.

5. provides specialized project management software for professionals of various industries. has 56 employees and earns annual revenue of $8.1 million.


What is the difference between generalized project management software and engineering project management software?

Project management software provides features and tools that are generalized for all users and adaptable to many interests and industries. Meanwhile, an engineering project management software provides tools and features specifically optimized and designed for engineering teams in mind. Many engineering teams would prefer to use engineering project management software as it provides specific solutions related to engineering.

What other software can engineer teams use together with engineering project management software?

Engineering teams can use agile project management software to help recruit engineers to resolve bugs and errors found in a product. Engineering teams can also use project portfolio management software that can help teams to build their profile portfolio compiling all of the engineering projects they have done. Engineering teams can use other engineering-related software to help enhance the way they manage and execute engineering projects and tasks.

How much does engineering project management software cost?

Pricing for engineering project management software listed is mostly free except for Easy Projects software that costs $24 per month. Pricing for other engineering project management software varies depending on the pricing available and the intended target company. Small companies may benefit from using a low-cost engineering project management software, while professional media individuals and large media companies may benefit from high-cost software.

With the best engineering project management software, teams can manage and execute their projects effectively and smoothly with its optimized project management tools and features.

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