What is one of the best ways to promote events to the public? One that can be done easily, while also inexpensive to make? The answer is through flyer distribution. This is not only used by businesses to promote their name or the products and services that they are offering, it can also be used to promote events such as concerts, summer parties, and club events, just to name a few.

If those are the types of events that you are planning on promoting, then our website is the perfect place for you. We have various event flyer designs to help you. If you prefer working with Adobe Photoshop, we also have event flyer PSD to help narrow down your choices. What are you waiting for? Scroll down now to see the templates that we have to offer.

Event Planning Flyer Templates

Fresh Summer Events

fresh summer events flyer template



Champagne Event Campaign Flyer Template

champagne event campaign flyer template



Kids Activity Flyer Templates

kids activity event flyer templates



What Are Event Flyers?

Flyers are defined as an advertisement tool in the form of regular-sized paper to be distributed to the public by hand, to be attached to walls and bulletin boards, or to be sent to people through the mail. Flyers usually contain the name of what is being advertised, and a few supporting details to further entice the reader to the contents of the flyer.

Event flyers are used to advertise concerts, summer parties, and other events to the general public in order to gain attendees and sponsorship. The contents of event flyers include, but are not limited to, the following details: the name of the event, the date and time of the event, the venue where the event will take place, the purpose of the event, and contact detail, in case there is a need for clarifications and inquiries.

Our website has event flyers you can use for casual events to professional and formal ones. If you are looking for templates for club, dance, or disco parties, then we have club event flyers for you. And if you are looking for templates for more formal events, such as business gatherings, seminars, and the like, you can find business event flyers here.

Club Event Flyers

Night Club Event

night club event flyer1



Sphere Club Event

sphere club event flyer1



Ladies Night Club Event

ladies night club event flyer



Church Event Flyers

Church Youth Event

church youth event flyer1



Church Anniversary Event

church anniversary event flyer2



Church Conference Event

church conference event flyer1



Printable Church Event

printable church event flyer



Basketball Event Flyer Templates

Basketball Tournament Flyer

basketball tournament flyer template



Event Flyers and the WH- Questions

Event flyers focus more on promoting various parties, celebrations, and other types of events. They serve to inform the general public that an upcoming event will take place and that everyone, regardless if they were able to receive a copy of the flyer or not, is invited.

Flyers are usually used by event organizers to enable them to reach out to the public and make them aware of the event that they are putting up. This is most applicable to paid events, when these organizers are looking forward to making a profit out of it. How can one make a profit if there are only a considerable amount of attendees? The organizers would put more effort into publicizing their event to gain more audience, and in turn, gain more profit. So if you are the person tasked in hosting an event, you will most probably be the same person tasked in spreading the word to the public. The more attendees, the more money comes in.

Our flyers can be used for any type of event that you can think of. These events include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Club events flyers, music festival events flyers, rock music events flyers, etc. For casual or informal events.
  • Basketball event flyers. For sports-themed events, usually organized by sports enthusiasts, fanatics or athletes.
  • Church events flyers. For religious types of events which are either organized by church officials or the churchgoers.
  • School event flyer. For events that are hosted by school officials, or by students.
  • Charity event flyer. For events usually organized by non-profit organizations.

Aside from the ones listed above, there are a lot more types of event flyers available on our website that you can choose from.

Business Event Flyer Templates

Startup Business Event

startup business event flyer1



Sample Business Event Flyer

sample business event flyers



Seminar Business Event

seminar business event flyer1


Business Networking Event

business networking event flyer1



Formal Business Event Flyer

formal business event flyer



School Event Flyers

School Open House Event

school open house event flyer



School Carnival Event

school carnival event flyer



Back to School Event

back to school event flyer



School Kids Camp Flyer

school camp admission event flyer



What Is the Process of Making Event Flyers?

Making an event flyer may involve a step-by-step process to make it go as smoothly and as organized as possible. Follow the instructions we have below to make your experience in making your own event flyer easier:

  • Determine the purpose of your event flyer. What type of event are you organizing? If you are organizing a music event, we have music event flyers. But if you are going for a party event, you can use the party event flyers we have available.
  • Once you know what you want to do, download the template applicable for the type of event that you are planning on organizing. The templates we have on this website are free and can easily be downloaded.
  • Edit your event flyer template on an image editing software. Most templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, so we strongly suggest that you use the same to make the editing process much less of a hassle for you.
  • After finalizing your flyer design, have it printed. To leave a professional and stable impression to the public, use high quality paper and have it printed under the printer’s highest quality setting.

Charity Event Flyer Templates

Free Charity Event Flyer

free charity event flyer



Sample Charity Event Flyer

sample charity event flyer



Music Event Flyer Templates

Music Event Flyer in PSD

music event flyer in psd



Free Music Event Flyer

free music event flyer



Rock Music Event

rock music event flyer



Music Festival Event

music festival event flyer1



Easter Flyer Templates

Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template

easter egg hunt flyer templates



Creative Easter Celebration Event

creative glossy colorful eggs flyer



Easter Event Flyer

happy easter egg event flyer



Free Easter Egg Event Flyer

free easter egg event flyer



Tips When Using Flyers to Promote Events

Flyers may be effective in promoting events, but that is only if they are properly made. You can not expect to reach your expected audience if your flyer was not completely thought out and is of poor quality. A good amount of effort will always be rewarding, while taking things for granted can also lead to getting ignored.

If you are hosting a golf tournament, we have golf event flyers readily available for you. However, it doesn’t mean that your effort ends there. You need to add personal touches to your flyers and add the necessary details to increase its chances of being effective.

To help you out on how to make your event flyers more effective, read the tips provided below:

  • Make the header or title stand out from the rest of the elements on the flyer. This way, it will be the first feature to be noticed by the reader.
  • Arrange the information on the flyer in an organized manner to encourage a smooth, readable flow. A disorganized flyer will most likely confuse the reader which will lead them to throwing your flyer to the garbage bin. For long bits of information, arrange them in bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • List down the highlight of the event. To further entice the reader to attend your event, inform them whether there will be a raffle draw for all the attendees, or if special guests are invited to the event.

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