Postcards, in general, are hard cardboard-type printouts that are given away or mailed without envelopes. They can be used to inform, invite, and show something like a view of a city. When planning events, you can use postcard templates for your guests. These templates are easy to find. Check out these samples you can download.

The postcards can be in any design and in any fold to meet the specifications you need. Choose the best one you can find end edit them as you please. Celebrate events with the presence of invited individuals using postcards that you made by yourself.

Event Reminder

event reminder



Save the Date Event

event save the date postcard3



Event Planner




Church Event

church event



Sample Event

sample event



Types of Postcards

There are different types of postcards available and each of these postcards has their own purpose. Familiarize yourself with the types and choose which to use with utmost knowledge:

  • Seminar. Remind attendees to register and be on time. Send postcards with complete details and a call for action that will encourage them even more to attend. Utilize these postcards to show guests of what they expect during this event. Search for conference or seminar postcards to find great samples you can also use.
  • Party. Birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate parties; postcards can also be used as an invitation. Look for birthday postcards and find various results for every age of the celebrant. You can style it up like any other invitation template. Hype your guests with a very appealing postcard. You can use the front of the card for any images you like then the back for the general information you need to write.
  • Sport. Postcards can be used for sports events too: summer camp, training clinic, or games. Send postcards when you want to invite people to join you in supporting a team or to invite them to the team. Add details on how to contact you and make your cards very persuasive to convince them in one look.

Baby Event Postcard

baby event postcard



Seminar Event

seminar event



Sports Promo Postcard

sports promo postcard



Party Event

party event



Conference Postcard

conference postcard



Music Event

music event



Grand Opening

grand opening postcard



Making Event Postcards

Designing a postcard can be made easier with the postcard templates for wedding postcards, birthday postcards, and more. But, perfecting your output takes time and effort. Follow these guidelines to stay grounded while checking every detail of your postcards:

  • Use appropriate postcard templates that will fit every image and text of your postcards. Bigger sizes are good for postcards with more contents while smaller ones can only provide space enough for a limited number of contents.
  • Choose the fold you want to use along with your templates. If you do not have much content, you won’t need too many folds. The tendency of that is that the fold would only have empty areas that are dull to see.
  • Maximize the areas in your postcard by adding different elements on it that are complimentary with your main design. Speaking of designs, ensure that the theme you use would look fit for the purpose of your postcard.
  • Nevertheless, keep the contents spread out on the whole postcard. Although you want to maximize all spaces, remember that you also should not put too many contents. A good balance of both is the best choice.

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