Events are different occasions held for different reasons. It can be for a business or it can also be for a personal purpose. Nevertheless, you would need people to attend to your events for it to count as a successful one. With that, you need to invite as many as you can.

For private parties in an office, you can put up posters that you got from a poster creation software to inform everyone about the upcoming events. Meanwhile, for a general event, posters in public areas will suffice. Also, a softcopy of the poster will also be usable online.

Charity Event Poster Templates

Free Charity Event Poster Template

free charity event poster template



Non-Profit Charity Event Poster Template

non profit charity poster template



Kids Charity Golf Poster Flyer Template

kids charity golf poster flyer template



Music Event Posters

Music School Poster Sample

music school poster template



Music Concert Poster Template

music concert poster template



Music Party Poster Template

music party poster template


Classical Music Poster Template

classical music poster template



Halloween Event Posters

Halloween Party Poster Template

halloween party poster template



Halloween Music Event Poster Template

halloween music poster template



Halloween Dance Poster Template

halloween dance poster template



Halloween Bake Sale Poster Template

halloween bake sale poster



What Occasions Are Suitable for Event Posters?

Any occasion can have its own poster. But, there are those that really has to have posters in order for it to succeed. To know what they are here is a very brief list of what events can take advantage of posters. Also, know how these posters should be and what contents should be added to it to make sure that it catches the attention of readers and for it to be really informative. Read the following and get started on your own DIY poster.

  • Annual parties, such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties, even New Year’s Eve celebrations, are those very special occasions people just can’t wait to celebrate. The posters for these are mostly placed online or are put in public areas to encourage people to attend. Since the event already has a specific theme, e.g. Christmas or Halloween, you won’t need to think too much of how to design your posters. The same goes for vintage-themed parties. You can always go for vintage posters for those. Stick with the theme of the party and add details such as time, date, and location so people would now when and how to get to the event. Make sure that you are sending this in advance to give your guests a heads up given that there are many celebration parties during that time too.
  • Company events are important occasions that employees and investors alike should not miss. You can send this as a bulk email to all your employees to cut the budget of having to print them on paper. For summer outings and outside trips, you can design your advertising posters to match what the expected activity will be. If it’s a beach event, choose graphics or images related to the ocean. This will make your guests more excited as they look forward to the event that you are hosting.
  • Concerts – The success of concerts is actually dependent to how many guests ar attending. It can be considered a flop when only a small crowd will gather. That is why you need to send out posters for everyone to know whether they are a fan or not of whoever is performing. It should have the concert date and time so attendees can clear their schedule ahead of time. Aside from that, you also need to put the concert location so they would know beforehand where they should go and how they would get there. Gather more people to see the concert.

BBQ Event Poster Templates

BBQ Party poster Template

bbq party poster template



Summer BBQ Poster Template

summer bbq poster template



Event Flyer Poster Template

event flyer poster template



BBQ Weekend Party Poster

bbq weekend party poster1



Academic Poster Templates

SCAD Academic Poster Design

scad academic poster design



University Academic Poster Design

university academic poster design




A Few Tips to Improve Your Event Poster

Improving one’s event poster seems like a tiresome idea. But, did you know there is an easier way for you to do that? You won’t need too much effort to do it. Know the basic things you can do to make sure that your event poster is as flawless as it can be. Read the following tips to find out what they are and check your current poster design if they coincide with the following guidelines. You don’t necessarily have to follow everything, but it is ideal to take note of them.

  • Make your texts readable. Regardless if you are making it from scratch or you are customizing a template from a poster creation software, you still need to ensure that the content of your poster is appealing. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read just for the sake of aesthetics. Look for something else that is pleasing to the eye yet legible. You can look for various fonts that are in the software itself. Another trick is to use shadows and highlights to put emphasis on the text. This will make the text pop out from the background that you are using.
  • Use colors that are easy on the eyes. It is important that you pay attention to the colors you use because they make the poster look lively. A dull background will make the overall appearance of the poster lifeless and not pleasing. You can use the default color schemes found in a poster design software so you won’t have to work hard to match the colors. Also, you have to take note of the font color you are using. Make sure that it does not go against the background color.
  • Optimize the use of space. Check the spaces in between the design and especially the texts to make sure that it is not too tight. Posters should occupy the whole spread. Preview your poster before you submit it for printing or save and send it. One trick to making great use of the space available is to use symmetrical objects and regular fonts rather than grungy ones. Layouts that are not well-proportioned will make your poster look crowded in one area and empty in another one.

Conference Poster Templates

Conference Posters Templates for Free

conference posters templates for free



Free Business Conference poster

free business conference poster



Sample Conference Poster Template

sample conference poster template


Church Conference Poster Template

church conference poster template



Travel Poster Templates

Free Travel Poster Template


free travel poster template1



Vintage Travel Poster Template

vintage travel poster template



Travel Agency Poster Template

travel agency poster template



Easter Poster Templates

Easter Double Exposure Poster

easter double exposure poster



Easter Party Poster

easter party poster1



Vintage Easter Poster

vintage easter poster



Happy Easter Dinner Poster

happy easter dinner poster



Retro Easter Poster Design Template

retro easter poster design template



Types and Styles of Event Posters

There are a lot of useful things that you should take note off when designing your own poster, after all, event posters are nothing more than advertising posters of a specific nature. Try to understand the different types there are and what styles can be applied. This is valuable because you need to make sure that your poster is appropriate for where you want to use it. Read the list below to know what the types are and what styles you can use.

  • Try using techniques that will make your poster futuristic. Use colors that are often dark with the combination of any color plus the glow-like effect. This is best to use for upbeat occasions and concerts. Also, if you are targeting a younger community to invite, this is a good design to use. Furthermore, if you want something more on graphics than texts, you can have the visual style. From its name, it is obvious that this uses more of the illustrations rather than the texts itself.
  • Floral posters are best to use for spring parties and summer gatherings. It looks refreshing and cool on the eyes because of the colors of the flowers. However, the flowers do not necessarily have to be a vector picture. It can also be an outline of the flowers for a simpler approach. Other times, the flowers would look like it was painted using watercolors. Furthermore, the background colors used for the floral style is white or any other lighter color available. This is to make sure that the flowers do not contrast the background and rather put emphasis to it. Though, you may find people using other colors as well.
  • If you want something a little more laid back for events such as a festival or a small group get-together then you may find vintage posters or country-themed poster more your style. Both use subdued colors and are quite homey in nature. This way you get to showcase your event in the old-school retro and cowboy style.

You can find all these different types of designs within the multitude of other pages out there. You’ll never run out of choices. But why search for another source when you can download everything you’ll ever need—poster-wise—right here? Download a template now, stop stalling and get your project started in a jiffy!

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