When you are conducting a foreign exchange money financial transaction, it is very much necessary to know the current exchange rates.

Here is a list of seven software, that would enable you to know the currency exchange rates at your fingertips.

1.Flip Currency Convertor

Flip is a very user-friendly currency converter. It allows converting more than 160 currencies. The application has the feature of inverting the currencies. Currency rates get updated every fifteen minutes. It could be downloaded from Google play. Additional features are

  • Offline Conversation.
  • Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.
  • Accuracy up to 3 decimal positions.
  • Updates at every 15 minutes.

2. Currency Converter

currency converter

With an average user rating of more than four stars, Currency Converter is one the best programs available to check foreign currency rating. If you are looking for a free currency converter then, Currency Converter is a good option.

Some of the features of the software are:

  • It can convert a default currency into multiple currency rates at a time.
  • It runs on the desktop version of Windows operating system.
  • The product is ranked 39 in personal finance software.
  • It has more than 30k downloads.

3. Convert Center

convert center 1


It is software meant for a lot of converting programs and one its feature is currency converter. The tool has a login page from which it will direct you to the home page, where you will see the option Currency Rates, which will enable you to convert currency rates.

  • It has an advanced mode to conduct conversions to major currencies.
  • The classic mode will convert only to which currency you have asked for.
  • It also provides accurate decimal places.
  • Other conversations are also possible in this software.

4. Desktop Currency Converter

desktop currency converter

A free exchange calculator, it is accessible at every time. The software developer claims that it has more precision than any online convertor.

  • The application automatically downloads exchange rates.
  • It operates in offline.
  • Highly user-friendly.
  • The target amount can be adjustable.
  • It converts more than 30 world currencies.

5. Strong Currency Converter

strong currency converter

It is software meant for professional users. The program is very much powerful and accurate. It has a precise conversion of up to four decimal points. This free software offers everything you wanted in an exchange rate.

  • More than 150 currencies could be converted.
  • Precisely updated at real time.
  • Copy paste options are available.
  • Fast and Accurate.
  • Ideal for professional uses.

6. Easy Currency Converter

easy currency converter

More than 180 world currencies, exchange rates in real time and many more features are incorporated in this android application. It also allows to you to create a personal list of currencies and the list of important currencies will appear accordingly. The latest update comes with a lot of new features.

  • On low-resolution displays, it comes with an advanced layout.
  • Update issues are improved.
  • Market news on the currency details.
  • More than 1 million downloads.
  • Advertisement free version is available.

7. XE Currency Converter

xe currency converter

This free edition application also offers offline conversation, based on its latest updates. Most of the world currencies could be converted using XE Currency. It is one of the most popular currency converter over 20 million downloads. BBC, CNN and other channels have featured XE Currency Converter.

  • Every world currency.
  • Rates of precious metals.
  • Currency Rate Charts with live updates.

8. Clickto


9. Currency Converter


10. Money Exchanger Plus

money exchanger plus

11. Microsoft Exchange

microsoft exchange

Most of the software applications work especially well, but it is wise to choose according to the use. These applications are highly user-friendly. All you have to do is to enter the amount to be converted.

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