Most people fail to keep a track record of their monthly expenses and as such squander money aimlessly. They realize this fact towards the end of the month when the household budget gets derailed. Are you too sailing on the same boat? Undoubtedly, it is a frustrating situation for anybody. However, the good is news is that you can now solve all your budget problems with the help of Expense management software.

It is an amazing tool or software which has helped a great deal in managing and controlling the financial expenditure. Secondly, it has proved to be more than useful in framing strategies for monitoring the outflow of money. Thirdly, you can keep a record of your last five transactions.

1. Expenses Manager

The Expenses Manager is free software that assists in analyzing the expenditure and suggests ways to increase savings. It has a few vital features that include

  • Getting instinctive GUI
  • Placing the category in order of importance and supported by images
  • Complete info about categories, transactions, earnings, account, cost of item and periods
  • Detailed Reports
  • Summary view

2. Abassis Finance Manager

The Abassis Finance Manager Software can prove to be quite helpful for the personal computer owners. You can easily track your expense column. This software can be downloaded for free.

  • The simple use of XML makes it easy to store data
  • Can support all types of accounts and dealings
  • Flexible GUI
  • Helps in income generation
  • Reduces expenditur
  • Monthly driven processing
  • Brings stability in life

3. Expense Calculator

The Expense Calculator is free and productive software for reviewing and maintaining the routine spending of money developed by Stupendous Softwares.

  • Especially designed for person who manages expenses of 6 to 8 people regularly
  • You have the option of adding more individuals
  • Transfer cash amount from one person to another
  • Revert last five transactions
  • Facility of restoring database in case of app failure

4. Personal Financee

If you are searching for good and reliable free software to curtail your rising expense, then trying out Personal Finance is a profitable option.

  • Best option if you are a beginner
  • It supports various currencies of different nations
  • Quite easy to use
  • Demo base is already installed
  • Categorize your spending

5. Easy Cash Manager

Now you can easily keep a vigil on the household and other expenses and also determine the sources of income with Easy Cash Manager free software.

  • The interface is quite simple and easily understandable
  • Create a cash book either with standard or the business mode
  • Secures your cash book with a password
  • Minutely survey expenditure versus earning

6. Month Limit

If you want to maintain a comprehensive record of your monthly expenses, then choose none other than Month Limit software.

  • Determines your spending rate
  • Monitors the present and other days of month
  • Just make a table to enter the data
  • Keeps you up to date

7. Spending Viewer

The Spending Viewer is quite useful budget managing software that has become very popular in the recent times. The free software keeps record of all budgeting needs.

  • Upload your transactions in bulk QIF, QFX standard formats
  • Enter the details of transaction manually
  • Keep a fixed amount as monthly budget
  • View reports by category and month
  • Manage payees and bank accounts

If you really want to manage your expenses well thereby reducing the expenditure and increasing income resources then you just need to download this effective and vital free expense management software and install them in your PCs and smartphones.

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