Face Recognition is a revolutionary technological marvel that has a wide range of uses. From a simple face detection function to capturing a photo of the person who snooped on your PC, these softwares do it all.

The following list enumerates few of these softwares that are free for downloading. They are available in the platforms of Windows, MAC OS X, Android, iOS.

1. FaceAether 1.2 – Face Recognition System For Security


Download FaceAether 1.2 if you want a security program powered with face recognizing ability

  • Captured photo resolution is above 320×240 pixels
  • Template size of facial characteristics is 5–30 KB
  • Technology is non intrusive and also supports auto detection of the face
  • False Acceptance Rate: <0.1% and False Rejection Rate:  <1%

2. BananaScreen – An Efficient Security Software


Check out BananaScreen, a basic yet standard software with face recognition software.

  • Easy interface- Take a recording of your face via your webcam and pre-set your computer to activate the interface.
  • Access the program with your windows password if the face recognizing doesn’t work
  • Takes less time to unlock than typing in a password
  • Cons: Reliability a big issue being in beta phase

3. KeyLemon – A Software With A Wide Range Of Features


Use KeyLemon if you want a face recognition software for both PC and MAC

  • Changes the log-in screen of your computer to the KeyLemon log-in screen
  • Choose accuracy levels of the software determining the balance of the security from low to high
  • Avoid unwanted classical spoofing access by enabling eye blink detection
  • Click Pictures in different light conditions because the software’s interface is designed to be light-sensitive
  • Cons: Free version with basic features; paid upgraded version has more features

4. Rohos Face Logon – Secure Your Computer With A Webcam

rohon face logon

Download  Rohon Face Logon a security software that mixes face recognition with other features

  • USB device can be used as a password for logging in
  • Self-training features for avoiding failure during future face recognition
  • Power saving feature available where the webcam stops functioning when there is no one infront of the camera
  • Multi-user support, and unimportant face patterns are deleted automatically
  • Cons: Free Trial for 15 days

5. Face Recognition Software – A Tool For Identifying Faces From Images

face recognition system

Use Face Recognition Software if you want a software that detects faces from a large database of images

  • Algorithm builds a map on eigenvectors in order to easily compare files
  • Build an image database from the photos in your collection
  • Organized database, divides the images into classes which allow you to further add files on the same person
  • The ID of the class is provided when searching for an image by the process of comparing the current file with the database

6. Face Recognition-Fast Access – A Face Recognition Tool For Android

face recognition fast access

Download Face Recognition-Fast Access if you want face recognition application

  • Faster face recognition with improved enhancements in offline mode
  • Option to choose face-only mode for logging in for all android devices
  • Connects with every android device
  • Interactive, intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Cons: Free Trial Period

7. KLIK – Facial Recognition In A Chatting Application


Check out KLIK if you want a free social application with facial recognition capabilities

  • Automatically recognizes faces through the phone’s camera
  • Identifies people even before a picture is taken
  • Share your pictures through KLIK itself powered by FourSquare
  • Cons: Still in the initial stages of development

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