Did you know that there are alternate ways to access your Facebook chat besides logging onto your Facebook page? The benefits of these alternative Facebook chat software are that they offer a variety of fun and interesting features that the original Facebook chat don’t have.

We have compiled a list of the best and most popular Facebook chat software for you. Here’s the list

1. Digsby

digsby 1

Digsby is a free of cost and easy to download instant message software that allows you to access your Facebook chat as well.

Some additional features

  • Supports several other instant messaging software such as MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, ICQ and several others.
  • User friendly interface
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

2. Adium


Adium is another excellent chat program that supports Facebook chat.

Some additional features

  • Free of cost software with a simple download and installation procedure
  • Supports a variety of instant messaging programs including ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and several others
  • User friendly interface and Mac OS X compatible software

3. Pidgin

pidgin 2

Pidgin is an excellent instant messaging software. Although the software doesn’t by default support Facebook chat, the user can integrate the Facebook chat to this software with the assistance of a plugin.

Some additional features

  • Compatible with UNIX and Windows operating systems
  • Free of cost software with a simple download and installation process
  • Supports multiple chat networks including MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, GoogleTalk and various others

4. Chit Chat For Facebook

chit chat for facebook

Chit Chat For Facebook is a software that is specifically for Facebook chatting and does not support any other chat networks. This desktop Facebook chat software free download is perfect for those who don’t want to get stuck in the rut of multiple chat networks.

  • Simple interface and the software is compatible only with the Windows operating system
  • User friendly interface software that has an easy installation process
  • Does not require the user to log into his Facebook page for chatting

5. Palringo


Palringo is the perfect mobile Facebook chat software for Nokia 2700 and other smartphone brands.

Some additional features

  • Offers a variety of games for the user
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems
  • User friendly interface and free of cost software

6. Yoono

yoono 1

Yoono is another free of cost instant messaging software that supports Facebook chat as well as several other social media chat networks.

Some additional features

  • Supports multiple chat networks including Yahoo, MSN, AIM and GoogleTalk
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to download and simple installation process
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac

7. Trillian Astra

trillian astra 1

Trillian Astra is a software that supports Facebook chat along with multiple other instant messaging programs.

Some additional features

  • Supports AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and various other chat networks
  • This Facebook chat software free download for PC has a simple download and installation process
  • Compatible with most leading operating systems including Mac and Windows

8.  Miranda IM

miranda im 1

Miranda IM is a free of cost and open source Facebook chat software.

Some additional features

  • User friendly interface and easy to download
  • Supports other chat networks like ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN
  • The functionality of the software can be easily extended with the help of plugins

9. ScrapBoy


Scrapboy is another Facebook chat software that is a paid software.

Some additional features

  • Easy to download
  • Supports other chat networks including Orkut, MySpace and others

Downloading And Installing The Facebook Chat Software

Downloading and installing these software is easy. In order to download the software select the software of your choice from the above mentioned list. Once you have selected the software click on the link given below. The link will redirect you to the download page. Hit the download button and wait until the download is complete. Once the download is complete you can begin the installation process by following the installation steps given. Once the installation is complete the software is ready to use. Some software may require you to reboot your system after installation while others can be used instantly.

Selecting The Correct Software For You

Selecting the software is purely dependent on your requirements. Do you use multiple chat networks or are you looking to use one that’s specifically for Facebook? Either way run through the features of all the mentioned software. If you’re looking for only a Facebook chat software then select a software from the list that is specifically for Facebook chat. On the other hand if you’re looking to integrate multiple chat networks into a single instant messaging program, you can select a software that provides a multiple chat network integration feature.

So download any of the above mentioned software if you’re on the hunt for the perfect Facebook chat software that doesn’t require you to log into your Facebook page to chat. These software are tried and tested and are extremely popular across the globe.

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