Finding the best farm management software from the plethora of options available online can be an uphill task.

At the end of the day, you will be ensured that the tasks have been performed using the best farming materials, thereby ensuring maximized farm efficiency.

1. Cropio

cropio 1

A satellite field management system, Cropio is used to facilitate the remote monitoring of the cultivated land and helps to plan the future steps for best agricultural results. It also helps to:

  • give real-time updates hence crop conditions can be almost pre-determined.
  • crop problems can be determined timely.
  • gives an actual overview of the commodity market.

2. Agrivi

agrivi 1

To help the farmers in improving the productivity of their crops, cloud farm management software is essential nowadays and Agrivi is a real-time answer to that. The other features are:

  • help to manage financials of the farmers,
  • the mechanization of the farms can be managed.
  • lets farmers practice the best farming techniques.
  • disease alarms alert, hence spoiling less crops and saving money.

3. iAgri Online

iagri online 2

This is a complete farming package with easy interface which will guide the farmers to make their business more effective and profitable.

This all-round software also helps in

  • managing the livestock.
  • will manage both crops and customers.
  • can be used by farmers of all discipline.

4. Agri360

agri360 1

Built with the sole idea to enhance agriculture orientated businesses, this software helps to manage farming with the most updated technique. With a simple and open format user interface, this has been popular among the farmers widely.

  • log in from anywhere and at anytime.
  • supports all sorts olf OS – from Mac to Windows.
  • cloud-based app gives the real time updates.

5. Harvest it

harvest it 1

When you need to optimize efficiency in the field of farming sector, Harvest it is a trusted name. It has some of the most interesting features like:

  • helping in managing labours.
  • customers get treated with best service.
  • has scope for greenhouse management.
  • get the information about suppliers and buyers.

6. LandMagic

landmagic 1

Whether you are into rotational or permanent farming, it is essential to have a trusted website for farm management and here it is. LandMagic is advanced software for managing the agri-business. It also:

  • Has products like LandMaster, BarnManager, GeoMaps, CropCare, FieldTime etc.
  • helps in processing orders and managing customers.
  • easy traceability.

7. GroMAX – Contract Farming

gromax contract farming

This is yet another smart software which helps in agro processing as well as in contract farming. The other features include:

  • managing effectively the land for cultivation.
  • maintaining the socio history data for the farmers.
  • complete information of the step by step cultivation is maintained.

8. Vampp


9. Practical Systems

practical systems

10. Plantator Systems

plantator system

11. Plan-a-Head

plan a head

12. Land View


13. KingsWood


14. IAGRi


15. HerdWatch


16. FarmWorks


17. Farmflo


18. FarmCredit Canada


19. Donkerhoekdata


20. DFM


21. Agroptima


22. Agronomix


23. AgriMaster


24. Agridata



ag data

Virtually available in all areas, an offline app might be of better utility for the farmers as they might need to go to places without network coverage. Nevertheless, installing any of these software is bound to make the farming results more fruitful.

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