After sad and unfortunate slumps in the days of the release of the PS2, the fighting games are now back to action. On the internet you can find a lot of fighting games.

Can you tell me which ones are your favorites? Some of them are incredibly successful while others give the users entertainment due to being extremely funny.Most famous fighting games Now it is time for us to discuss the most famous fighting games.

1. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

tatsunoko vs

This is true that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a game that can make you mad.

  • This is among the most famous fighting games of all time.
  • It is made available on multiple game consoles.
  • You can choose the characters of choice.
  • This game is something you cannot ignore.
  • It is full of entertainment.
  • This can keep your kids engaged the whole day.

2. King of Fighters XIII

king of fighters xiii

The King of Fighters XIII is not made available on all consoles.

  • This game is still among the most demanding and best fighting games.
  • This has been marketed with many features and varying characters.
  • The game has come with excellent graphics and fighting system.
  • You can fix the multiple issues of its varying difficulty levels.
  • This is all mandatory to win this game.
  • You can enjoy it during next year when it arrives on all consoles.

3. Street Fighter II HD Remix

street fighter ii hd remix

The steet fight games are in no short.

  • When it comes to name the best ones, we can name this game to be among the most amazing fighting games.
  • It has been released with updated graphics and awesome OverClocked ReMix tunes.
  • This is all we want in our life.
  • You can learn basics of action of this game.
  • It is enough engaging to make your kids happy.

4. Tekken 6


Odd enough yet fabulous, Tekken 6 is what I am talking about.

  • This is one of the finest fighting games.
  • It is actully a fighter game with 3d technology.
  • This has come with great graphics.
  • The game is fully featured.
  • You can get amazed with it.
  • This is something to hit arcades of other multiple games.

5. SoulCalibur IV

soulcalibur iv

The SoulCalibur IV is a superb game.

  • This is among the most outstanding fighting games.
  • Its varying series have hit consoles of almost all types
  • The game can give you lots of things to learn about.
  • You can get 3D weapon-based combat fixed anywhere you want during the time you are playing this game.
  • Besides that, the game characters will lead you to face off against scantily clad women wielding whips.
  • This franchise has really made itself fabulous and prominent.

6. Fatal Fighting

fatal fighting

7. Bladelords – the fighting game

bladelords the fighting game

8. Superheros Free Fighting Games

superheros free fighting games

9. Fighting Tiger – Liberal

fighting tiger liberal

10. Fighting Games

fighting games

11. Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2

Which do you think are the best fighting games? Now as I have said enough, it is your turn to tell us which are your favorite games related to action. In case you don’t know much about the above mentioned games, I strongly recommend that you give them a try. All of them are fully featured. These are enough to entertain you during the weekends.

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