File copying is really a difficult task especially when the work is in bulk. All of us know that moving folders and files in Windows by mouse takes more than enough time. For professionals, this is not less than hectic thing even when they use number of keyboard shortcuts. Obviously the single most powerful and useful option is to bring home effective file copy software.

If you are trying to copy from hard drives, SSD’s, USB sticks, network etc. then you must have effective file copy software to perform the task nicely. We know that it is impossible to shorten the duration of copy or movement of files if a third party software is being used. But here we would like to tell that these still give you advantages such as queuing copies, pausing, skipping, and dealing with problematic files. 7 Best file copy software

1. Copy Handler 1.32

copy handler

Copy Handler can easily be installed. This is effective enough to keep complete control over the file copying operations. This gives you basic information while the copying process continues. Not only this but also the tool comes with pause and resume buttons, context menu entries.

2. ExtremeCopy Standard 2.1.0

extremecopy 2

This is one of the most fantastic file copy software. It comes in two different versions: the standard free one and the full shareware version. It can function nicely with copy or collision options, window positions, failed file recovery as well as others. The best thing is that the software can be integrated into Explorer too. It has options such as pause, skip, and verify. Multiple files’ copy takes about two minutes or less.

3. Fast Copy 2.11


Fast Copy is one of the highly recommended file copy software. It is truly a fast file copier ever made. This comes with buffet options for tweaking the performance amazingly. Also, it has options of basic or advanced file filters, an NSA method wipe and delete option, and many more. The software takes about 1.5 minutes to copy multiple files.

4. Kill Copy 2.85


Kill Copy is a copy tool that comes with user-friendly interface. It has many downloadable themes which can be downloaded from the website. Some of the features include auto resuming after a system crash, parallel copy mode and several boosting and buffer setting etc.

5. Mini Copier 0.5


Here is wonderful and highly recommended file copy software. This has been written in Java meaning, and is good for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. This makes the transfer of files and folders a lot easier and faster. It brings to you standard pause and skip buttons.

6. Nice Copier 12.10.31


Nice Copier is user-friendly and nice looking software you must give a try. This comes with a full dialog window where you can keep your files and folders safe. The tool transfers files in 2-3 minutes, and ISO copy test is of 80 seconds almost.

7. PerigeeCopy 1.6


Perigee Copy is last on this list but is very nice file copy software. It can function well with all of the browsers even Explorer. The best thing is its main copy dialog has a lot of information with some extra specifications like pause, queue or skip.

All of these file copy software come with user-friendly interface and are very easy to use. So, you can give any of them a try as per your convenience.

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