When it comes to managing files and folders on your computer, it may get quite complicated for you to handle.As more files and folders are being added to your computer, you will experience more and more anxiety in trying to manage and organize them in the way that makes sense to you.

This is why file management software is getting more and more popular these days. It offers an easier way for you to manage and organize your files,without all the headaches that it entails.

1. XYplorer

XYplorer offers a simple way to view and manage your files and folders. With the tabbed view, you can switch between different folders quickly. The software is portable, so it doesn’t require any installation process for you to use it. You can manage your files and folders right away without affecting your Windows registry.

2. OpenDocMan

OpenDocMan is an open source document management program with custom workflow and custom metadata. It offers various document management features that you can use, such as centralized document storage, limited access, and change tracker. It allows you to add more security to your system with its three user types: Super-Admin, Admin, and User.

3. FreeCommander XE

This is a great alternative to the native Windows file management software, with various features provided, such as dual-panel technology, tabbed interface, full access to your desktop, and built-in archive handling. This software can be placed on a USB flash drive or CD, and you can use it in any other computers without installing it.

4. AB Commander

AB Commander offers various tools for managing your files and folders in Windows. It comes with dual-panel, allowing you to view two folders at the same time, as well as perform different operations on each folder. The software features folder synchronizer, image viewer, text editor, and built-in file splitter, along with the regular file management operations.

5. Nonags File Management and Tools

Nonags File Management and Tools are the collections of file management tools provided by Nonags. The tools include File Converter, FileMenu Tools, Bandizip, Empty Folder Finder, Converter, FolderChangesView, MultiPar, Multi Commander, and other similar tools. Most of the tools are available only for the Windows platform, both for older and newer Windows versions.

6. Web File Management

Web File Management is a file management software that allows you to manage your files and folders through a web browser. The changes in your files and folders will be synced across all of your devices. The software offers various features, including no file size limit, built-in database system, multiple file upload, and multiple user groups.

Other File Management Software for Different Platforms

There is various file management software that is available for multiple platforms, but there is also file management software that is available for specific platforms. You can only install the file management software for the compatible platform.

7. Commander One

This free file management app for Mac OS X provides the users with the classic Mac file explorer style. It is full of useful features, including show hidden files, fonts and colors, brief mode, history and favorites, unlimited tabs, built-in file viewer, and ZIP support. It also provides the advanced search function with RegExp support.

8. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a popular Android file management app that allows you to manage your files and folders in your Android devices. The file and folder management have a lot of features included, such as built-in viewers and media player, built-in ZIP and RAR support, standard file management operations, file transfer, and remote file access.

9. Konqueror

Konqueror is an advanced file manager for Linux platforms that use KDE interface. It offers various features, such as FTP and SFTP server access, archive access, audio CD ripper, web browser, the universal viewer, and customizable application. You can install various plugins to enhance the functionality of the software, such as ad blockers, user agent switcher, and shell command panel.

10. Explorer XP

This is a small and compact file manager software for Windows, which allows you to browse multiple folders at once. It features tabbed interface, easy access to your main folders, drag and drop system, folder size information, and folder size cache. With this software, you can merge and split your files easily.

Multi Commander – Best File Management Software of 2016

11. Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a file manager software that uses multi-tab and dual-panel layout. It is a great alternative to the standard Windows Explorer program. The software has every tool that you need to manage and organize your files and folders easily. It features fast and efficient file management, customizable layout, multimedia, advanced file operations, and network connection.

What is File Management Software?

File management software is the type of software that allows you to view, manage, and organize your files and folders. For instance, in Windows, Windows Explorer is the default file management program that is available on the system. But, it doesn’t offer advanced file operation capabilities that many good file management software has. A good file manager can help you to switch between folders easily, with the dual pane view that allows you to manage your files and folders quickly and easily. File management software can be used for various purposes other than managing your files and folders, and it can also be installed on USB flash drive to allow you to use it on any other device.

How to Install File Management Software?

Installing a file management software is easy. You just need to download the installation file and install it on your device. After it is installed, you can start managing and organizing your files and folders with this software. However, some software may not require you to install it into the operating system, which means that you can use it anywhere without installing it. If the file manager software is a portable software, you don’t need to install it into your system. You just need to copy the program files to your USB drive or CD and use it right away.

If you are having trouble managing your files and folders effectively, you may need to use an advanced file management software to make it easier for you to do it. Usually, it will offer you a lot of features that will make managing your files an easy thing to do. With the tabbed view and dual-pane interface, a good file management software will allow you to perform various file operations on multiple folders at the same time. Not only that, it also gives you advanced features, such as FTP sharing, web browser, file preview, folder size information, and so on. At least, you can use the file management software as an alternative to the file management software that is already available on your operating system.

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