Patterns can be seen almost anywhere; on advertising media, on walls, on floors, and even on clothes. Try imagining a world where patterns don’t exist, don’t you think it would look dull and lifeless? The presence of patterns in our world creates a whole creative dimension that is conducive relieve us from all the stress that we encounter everyday.

Patterns can also be downloaded almost anywhere on the internet, but to make it easier for you, we have compiled the best ones here on our website. From PSD patterns to vector patterns, we have them here and you can download them easily. Feel free to look around this page, you just might easily find what you were looking for.

Free Triangle Patterns Download

Free Printable Triangle Pattern

free printable triangle patterns

Free Geometric Triangle Pattern

free geometric triangle patterns

Free Colorful Triangle Pattern

free colorful triangle patterns

Free Seamless Triangle Pattern

free seamless triangle patterns

Free Grass Patterns Download

Free Printable Grass

free printable grass patterns

Free Green Grass Pattern

free green grass patterns

Free Seamless Grass Texture

free seamless grass patterns

Free Grass Patterns for Photoshop

free grass patterns for photoshop


What are Patterns?

Patterns are defined as a design which consists of shapes or forms that are oftentimes repeated either regularly or irregularly to provide an artistic look. As mentioned earlier, patterns can be found almost anywhere and can help enhance the appearance of the world we are living in.

Patterns are commonly used by artists, specifically graphic artists, to improve the artistic quality of their creations. They may use it as background images for printable media, as wallpaper for computers, or background images for websites.

If you are a graphic artist or just anybody who enjoys editing images, then you don’t have to look anywhere else for patterns. We have geometric patterns if you want pattern templates that contain geometric lines and shapes, not to mention that this is what is commonly being used by most people.

However, if you are trying to achieve a vintage look to your design, then we also have vintage patterns for you. And have I mentioned that these templates are free to download? Because if I haven’t, then it’s about time that you should know that they are, so go ahead and download yours now.

Free Valentines’ Day Patterns Download

Free High-Resolution Valentines’ Day

free high resolution valentines day patterns

Free Valentines’ Day Love Patterns

free vector valentines day patterns

Free Seamless Valentines’ Day Patterns

free valentines day patterns

Free Valentines’ Day PSD Patterns

free valentines day psd patterns

Free Geometric Patterns Download

Free Abstract Striped Geometric

free abstract striped geometric pattern

Free Decorative Geometric

free decorative geometric pattern

Free Printable Geometric

free printable geometric pattern

Free Digital Geometric

free digital geometric patterns



Free Vintage Patterns Download

Free Retro Butterfly Patterns

free cute vintage patterns

Free Floral Vintage Patterns

free vector vintagepatterns

Free Set of Patterns

free set of vintage patterns

Free Vintage Polygon Patterns

free vintage polygon patterns

Free Vintage Kitchen Patterns

free vintage kitchen patterns download

The Different Uses of Pattern Templates

Patterns have no limit to its possible uses. The only thing that may have a limitation is the creativity of the person using the pattern. Patterns, whether they are pre-designed or manually created, are versatile and flexible, it can be used (and will look good) on almost anything. Below are just some of the most common ways that a pattern can be used:

  • You may use patterns in paintings and other artworks to further enhance its quality.
  • You can use art deco patterns for decorative purposes in your house, or in your work place.
  • If you are well-versed in the use of photo editing applications, then you can use patterns when editing your pictures. We have a selection of Photoshop patterns that you may use.
  • You may use patterns as a backdrop for events that involve the use of a stage or an area to highlight a performer or speaker.
  • For advertising media, such as posters, banners, flyers, and brochures, you may use patterns to enhance its quality which in turn can increase its level of attractiveness and can draw more attention from the public.
  • Patterns can also be painted on walls of houses to make it more appealing to the person living inside the house (some people may even apply patterns on floors or the ceiling).
  • Nowadays, patterns are being used to draw lines and shapes on coloring books and pages. These coloring books are being used mostly by adults for stress relieving purposes.
  • Patterns can also be found printed on clothes to further enhance its quality and selling value.
  • Patterns can also be used by teachers in school to make the learning process easier for their pupils. This is most applicable to teachers who are handling children, and those who are teaching mathematics. The learning of numbers may become much easier with the help of number patterns.

Those were just some of the uses that we can think of, though we both know that patterns serve more purpose that those listed above. Take your creativity to the next level and experiment with patterns.

Free Art Deco Patterns

Royalty Art Deco Patterns

free art deco pattern download

Free Geometric Patterns

free art deco geometric patterns

Free Vintage Crochet

free vintage crochet patterns

Free Cow Patterns Download

Free Cow Skin Pattern

free graphic cow patterns

Free Cow Pattern with Label

free vector cow patterns

Free Seamless Cow Pattern

free seamless cow patterns1

Free Graphic Patterns Download

Vector Graphic Pattern

free vector graphic patterns

Printable Dot Graphic Pattern

free printable graphic patterns

Modern Graphic Pattern

free modern graphic patterns

Free Gingerbread Patterns Download

Christmas Gingerbread Pattern

free christmas gingerbread patterns

Decorative Gingerbread Pattern

free decorative gingerbread patterns

Xmas Gingerbread Pattern

free cookies gingerbread patterns

Gingerbread Man Pattern

free gingerbread man patterns

Free Paisely Patterns Download

Printable Paisely Pattern

free printable paisely patterns

Seamless Paisely Blue Pattern

free paisely folding patterns

Elegant Paisely Pattern

free elegant paisely patterns

Paisely Pattern in PSD

free psd paisely patterns


What Are the Types of Patterns?

When we speak of the word pattern, it covers a whole wide range of things, and the only way that it can be simplified is if we speak of a specific type of pattern. Below are a few of the most commonly recognized types of patterns being used today:

  • Line patterns. From the name itself, this pattern involves lines of varying lengths, thickness, and even the curves involved.
  • Shape patterns. These patterns involve all the shapes possible in the geometric world, from circles to decagons. Like we said, the possibilities are endless with patterns.
  • Color patterns. This type of patterns usually don’t involve lines and shapes, but rely heavily on the use of colors and the sequence that it is applied to.

Patterns Outside the World of Art

  • Chess boards. A very concrete example of a pattern in which for every row and column, there is an alternating sequence of blacks and whites.
  • ECG tracing. For a normal person, there is a particular pattern to the rising and falling of the line and would only alter when there are unusual findings with the heart’s activity.
  • Music pieces. In music, there are beats, and these beats follow a particular pattern with regards to the notes used, or the strikes made to the drums.
  • Mathematics table. In math, to make it easier for students to familiarize the process of multiplication, a table is used which involves a pattern of numbers.


Free Baby Patterns Download

Free Baby PSD Patterns

free baby psd patterns

Baby Shower Patterns

free baby shower patterns

Seamless Baby Pattern

free seamless baby patterns

Doodle Baby Goods Pattern

free doodle baby goods patterns

Free Photoshop Patterns Download

Photoshop Christmas Pattern

free photoshop christmas patterns

Photoshop Chevron Pattern

free photoshop chevron patterns

Photoshop Leather Pattern

free photoshop texture patterns

Free Photoshop Floral Patterns

free photoshop floral patterns

Free Vector Patterns Download

Seamless Abstract Pattern

free vector seamless abstract patterns

Free Damask Pattern

free vesctor damask patterns

Free Floral Vector Pattern

free floral vector patterns

Free Swirl Pattern

free vector swirls patterns


Tips on Making Patterns

The creation and use of patterns isn’t as complicated as you think. It’s just like making an abstract painting, wherein you can just do random strokes and splatters on the canvas depending on how you feel. Even though it seems random, but you should also get ideas to be able to make patterns that are unique from the others. Here are some tips on how to make your own:

  • Get ideas from your surroundings. While it may not seem like a helpful tip, but the world around us is full of patterns and it is only up to how we perceive things and interpret them that we can create one for ourselves.
  • Make a collection of your work. If you have made patterns in the past, don’t discard it after using it. Keep it and simply customize it by either adding or removing elements to make the pattern seem brand new.
  • Look around for what’s trending. Of course, the trend will constantly change every now and then, and only if you consistently keep yourself updated, you may also get more ideas on what to make and how to make your patterns.

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