Assessing a sizable dataset or population is a difficult task that requires special software. With so much paper to keep track of, it’s easy to lose focus every now and then. So that you can easily and accurately review and calculate all aspects of your business, experts developed statistical analysis software. We’ll demo several statistical analysis programs so you can pick the one that works best for managing your company’s processes.

10+ Best Free Statistical Analysis Software

1. IBM SPSS Statistics

ibm spss statistics


Rating: 4.2/5

Price: $99/Month


2. RStudio



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $4,995/Year


3. JMP



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $125/Month


4. Minitab Statistical Software

minitab statistical software


Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Custom





Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $495/Year


6. NumXL



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $25/Month


7. Number Analytics

number analytics


Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $180/Year


8. Qlik Sense

qlik sense


Rating: 4.4/5

Price: $30/Month


9. Klipfolio



Rating: 4.6/5

Price: FREE


10. InsightSquared



Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Custom


11. Matomo



Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $9/Month


What is Free Statistical Analysis Software?

Many different companies have created software for statistical analysis, and it has many different functions for calculating and analyzing large amounts of data. Displays a dashboard depicting your company’s scientific insights over time. Waves, graphs, and other forms of smart visualization are frequently used in statistical analysis software. In order to answer any and all questions regarding their business statistics, businesses of all sizes use statistical analysis software.


There are a plethora of upsides and benefits to incorporating statistical analysis software into management. Your company’s production data can be checked and reviewed using statistical analysis software. There, you’ll be able to observe and comprehend the movement of your statistics and administration, which will lead to more pliability and greater validity and verifiability in your qualitative research.


You probably already know that there is a wide variety of powerful statistical analysis software that can aid you in every facet of running your company. In order to determine which software is best for your company, it is important to do research and testing to determine which software has features that are tailored to your industry. Allow us to assist you in making sound decisions. Here are some features that you should look into further.

Top 10 Statistical Analysis Software

1. Minitab

The Minitab Statistical Software is a robust program for conducting statistical analysis that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Minitab is a data visualization, analysis, and manipulation tool.

2. SPC for Excel

Excel add-in SPC for Excel is a lightweight but robust solution for statistical process control and other data analysis tasks.

3. Tableau

Users can better see and comprehend data with Tableau Software. Analytics, visualization, and business intelligence can all be quickly accessed with Tableau.


A set of MATLAB tools for data modeling and analysis that makes use of statistical methods and machine learning

5. IBM SPSS Statistics

Discovering hidden relationships and using that information to inform models that direct frontline interaction is one of the many uses for Predictive Analytics.


This add-in for Microsoft EXCEL® is the industry standard for statistical analysis and data visualization. Review the data, make adjustments, and show it to others.

7. Domo

Make it possible for any action, in any role, to be powered by data.

8. Google Data Studio

Data dashboarding and visualization tools may be found in Google Data Studio. It has nifty features like a dashboard viewer and interesting reports.

9. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a visual analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform that improves efficiency and productivity for businesses throughout the world.

10. Datadog

Datadog is a service that, via centralized monitoring and alerting, aids in maximizing service uptime and performance.


Why should you use statistical analysis software?

We’re all aware that compiling data manually takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to sift through stacks of paper, make notes, examine, and assess. It’s obviously overkill to do that much. Experts responded by creating software that would streamline the process of analyzing data and cut down on the amount of time spent doing so. You may work more calmly while using statistical analysis tools.

How do you choose the best software for statistical analysis?

It’s up to the individual to decide what statistical analysis program works best for them. Users of statistical analysis software have varied experiences and perspectives on which software is best. Despite its unique qualities and qualifications, it shares with the other the same purpose of facilitating your progress toward achievement. In light of this, you should give them a go and form your own opinion.

What statistical analysis software is more common?

SPSS is more often mentioned (40.48%) than any other statistical package. SPSS’s popularity may be attributed to the program’s accessibility and simplicity. Useful for both experts and students in need of statistical analysis for their work. Its amazing adaptability allows it to provide features to address the statistical inquiries of a wide range of professionals and academics.

To simplify statistical analysis is an impossible task. You will need a time-saving device, whether for school or work. To meet these specific requirements, statistical analysis software was developed. You can easily and properly examine and assess with the help of this tool since it provides you with graphical representations of data. It’s a certain way to become organized and produce effective outcomes.



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