Vector designs are often used as background images and wallpapers. It uses polygon shapes in the minute parts of the image to retain the quality of the image regardless of its size and form. In fact, vector graphics are ideal for high-resolution editing rather than pixel-graphic parts.

You can find many vector design software online that you can find designs to use for any purpose. These vector images can be rendered for editing or can be used directly to websites, web pages, blogs, and/or any other purpose. Though, the sizes of these vector images are often larger than regular ones which will take up more space on your drive.

Free Vector Patterns

Awesome Floral Pattern

awesome vector patern free



Dark Floral Pattern

dark floral pattern



Free Peacock Vector

free abstract vector pattern



Astonishing Vector

astonishing vector pattern free



Free Red Coloured Floral

free red coloured floral vector patern



Best Summer Vector Pattern

the best summer vector pattern for free



Seamless Orange Vector

seamless free vector pattern for you



Free Vector Art

Free Modern Art

free floral vector art



Free 3D Graffiti

free 3d vector art


Abstract Swirl Vector

abstract free vector art



Free Crown Vectors

free crown vector art



Free Creative Birthday Art

free birthday vector art



Free Ribbon Banners

free banner vector art



Black and White Butterfly Art

free butterfly vector art



Sun Vectors

Sun Emoji Vectors

cartoon sun vector



Abstract Sun Vector

abstract sun vector



Smiling Sun Vector

smiling sun vector



Variety of Sun Logos

variety of suns vector



Smoke Vectors

Colorful Smoke Vectors

colored smoke vector



Seamless Smoke Texture

smoke seamless vector texture



Big Fire Smoke Vector

big fire vector smoke



Royalty Pink Smoke

royalty free smoke vector



Cloud Vectors

3D Cloud Icon

3d cloud icon vector



Paper Cloud Vector

paper cloud vector



Hand Drawn Chinese Vector

chinese cloud pattern vector



Cloud Icon Set

cloud icon set of vectors



Free Star Vectors

Red and Black Vector

red and black star vector



Golden Stars Set

golden stars vector set



Simple Star Design

simple star vector design



Three-Dimensional Star

three dimensional star shape vector



What Makes a Vector Graphic Different from Rasterized Images

If you think your typical JPEG, GIF, and PNG images are the same as a vector graphic, then you are wrong. In reality, a vector graphic is more refined in terms of quality of the image. It doesn’t have a pixel grid that composes the image. They are actually made of points and lines the forms into curves and edges to complete a photo. This is mostly why it has a high definition look when you see it. There are other significant factors why a vector design is different from a typical image. Here’s why:

  • They Don’t Lose Image Quality Easily
    Even when zoomed in or cropped, the images in vector still preserves its quality mostly because of the property of the image. Basically, this is its main advantage against raster images. You will commonly see graphic artists and illustrators using vector images rather than rasterized ones. In a vector graphic software, you can find a variety of image that you can use when designing something. The images can go from symbols to large-scale backgrounds. Usually, these images are larger than rasters but are smaller than bitmaps.
  • Can Be Scaled Better
    Given that you have a bigger image to work on, it is then easier to scale your image to the size that you want. Want to crop your images? The remaining portion of the image is more profound and not pixelized when compared to a cropped raster image. Because of that, it is ideal to use vector images for background designs and other projects that require you to embed photos on your layout. Also, vector designs are easier to edit in terms of background removal and such. This is mostly because of its polygon component and not the pixel grid one.
  • Smoother Edges and Curves
    Another upside of vector images is that when they are cropped or edited out, the edges remain to be smooth rather than sharp and grungy. This is still because of how the images came to be. The thing with raster images is that the blocked shape pixel has sharp edges on its own. That is why when cut, it turns the image has the tendency to turn the image’s edges sharp. In some vector design software, you will find tools that will let you edit designs with ease. You then won’t need to download and edit using different tools.

Free Vector Map Icons

Map Icons Set

map icons set



GPS Map Icons

gps map icons



Vector Map Location Icons

vector map location icons



50 Map Icons

50 map icons1



Vector Collection of Map Icons

vector collection of map icons



Colorful Map Icon

colorful map icon



Vector Navigation Icons and Maps

vector navigation icons and maps



Free Vector Icons

Free Education Icons

free vector education icons



Free Graphic Design Icons

free vector graphic design icons



Online Shopping Icons

online shopping icons collection



Computer Icon Set

computer icon set



Assorted Round Icons

assorted round icons free vector



Productivity Icon Chart

productivity icon collection1



Vector Elements for Graphic Designers

Amir Fura Vector Pack Set

amir fura vector pack set



Colorful Abstract

colorful vector



Free Floral Design

free floral design elements



People Silhouette Free

people silhouette vector



Pimpin Vector Pack

pimpin vector pack



Free Grunge Elements

vector grunge elements



Human Brain Vectors

Artificial Brain

artificial brain vector



Hand Drawn Brain

hand drawn brain vector



Brain Infographic

brain infographic vector



Creative Brain Illustration

creative brain vector



Bright Fire Vectors

Fire Frame Border

fire frame vector



Free Fire Icon Set

fire icon vector set



Free Fire Illustration

free fire illustration



Fire Flame Vector Template

fire flame vector template



Beautiful Rose Vectors

Watercolor Red Rose

red rose vector



Red Rose Illustration

red rose vector illustration



Beautiful Pink Roses

beautiful pink rose vector



Free Rose Art

free rose vector art



Beautiful Eye Vectors

Beautiful Eye Design

beautiful eyes vector design



Free Graphic Eye

eyes graphic vectors



Eye Icon Set

eye icons vector



Cartoon Eye Designs

cartoon eyes vector design



How to Use Vector Designs to Improve Your Layout

There are different types of vector designs and with these types are the different uses. Take advantage of these uses to improve your layout whether they are for business or for personal use alone. You can find a vector design software to customize your own or you can just download pre-made designs for direct use. Your options are not limited. You have plenty to work on, which is why we are providing you the list of how to use these vectors below. Read and know what they are.

  • Posters and Flyers
    When you want to make posters and flyers, you can look for vector images to use in your illustrations. It can be the symbol you want to use or the overall graphic you want to add on the flyer or poster. One good thing about vector images on flyers is that its appearance does not distort when you adjust the image size. This is great for printing as well because you can enlarge the printing to large-scale posters or you can settle for small letter-sized ones and the image quality is still the same.
  • Invitations
    Your invitations have to be polished. Hence, you need clear and smooth-looking images to add to them. Do not just settle for a rasterized image that might get pixelated one you start printing the layout. Likewise, you also can’t risk using raster images even if you using digital copies. Compression of files when sending through different methods can and may also be the cause for the image to get distorted. To avoid this, you need to have high-quality images such as those in vector graphic software downloads that you can find online.
  • Backdrops
    These projects are the ones that mostly need vector designs. Backdrops usually are in large print sizes and you need images that don’t easily distort. Since it has been established that a vector image is already large, it is just logical for you to use it. You can duplicate the vector image to make an array of photos or you can blow up a photo to serve as your whole background. When saving layouts for these, it is also ideal to save it as a vector image to retain the quality even after the whole editing process. Saving large-sized photos will also keep its components intact whenever you decide to change its printing size to a bigger one.

Flower Vector

Free Rose Vector

rose flower vector



Vintage Flowers

vintage flower vector



Free Lotus Flower

lotus flower vector



Abstract Flower Vector

abstract flower vector



Watercolor Hibiscus Flower

hibiscus flower vector



Flower Frame

flower frame vector



Free Stock Vectors

Free Scenic Elements Pack

scenic elements vector pack



Colorful 3D Square

colorful vector stock



Vector Stock Footage Pack

vector stock footage pack



Flat Halloween Faces

flat halloween vector faces



Cute Animal Vector Set

animals vector set



Donut Vector Designs

Colorful Donuts Collection

colorful vector donuts collection



Set of Cartoon Donuts

set of cartoon vector donuts illustration



Delicious Donut

delicious donut vector



Tasty Cartoon Donuts

tasty cartoon donuts vector



Abstract Banner Vectors

Polygon Banners

polygon banner vector



Colorful Banners

colorful abstract banner vector



Abstract Grunge Banners

abstract grunge banner vector



Abstract Shaped Banners

abstract shaped banner vector



Decorative Vector Designs

Decorative Dividers

decorative dividers vector design



Royal Frame Vector

royal frame decoration vector



Decorative Vintage Frame

decorative vintage frame vector



Decorative Doodle Arrows

decorative doodle arrow vector



Camera Vectors

Vintage Camera Collection

vintage camera vector



Colorful Camera Shutter

camera shutter vectors



Flat Camera Icon

flat camera vector



Video Camera Flat Icon

video camera vector



Why Use Vector Designs?

For the most part, vector designs are chosen over rasterized ones because of the quality of design. Most vector design software will provide you with thousands upon thousands of options for any design you want to do. Each of these designs can be edited with ease using tools that you can find online as well. Aside from that the size of each vector are flexible to the sizes that you need. If you need something of high-quality and won’t have the sharp edges that are bad for editing when you crop them, then look for vector designs to use instead raster images.

Types of Vector Designs

Like what has been said above, vector designs can be of many types. These types can be used for any purpose you want it. Get to know these types to know how you can use the vectors and also, to know what options you have when trying to conceptualize a design. The best part about these designs is that you can just search for them online or in any vector graphic software. To know some, here is a short list.

  • Logos
    You can often see logos that are saved as vector designs mostly because logos are used for different purposes. To avoid any distortion of the image, they are made into vectors so they can be scaled easily as well. For best results, you can start building up your logo with vector shapes and then slowly build up the image using your those shapes. The colors on vector images are more vibrant in comparison to rasterized ones. Make your designs more lively with high-grade images to use.
  • Backgrounds
    Like the backdrops, background images are usually large in size. When using vector images you won’t have to worry if your background might get distorted. These backgrounds can be for invitations, flyers, posters, brochures, and other printed materials. Some of these backgrounds are plain in color while others have patterns that go from vintage to modular designs. You can easily layer each part of vector backgrounds and separate them when you need to.
  • Symbols
    There are symbols as well that are in vector format. These symbols are added to brochures and other handed out materials to pass on information in illustrative ways. Signs that you see in occasions can be of a vector as well. You can download vector designs as it is or you can look for vector symbols in a vector design software.

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