When you need to view the data from .GED files, dedicated GEDCOM File Viewer Software is essential. You can download them for free, and they are equally easy to install.

There are some software which can help you to open the files directly while there are others which import feature to get the files from the content.

1. GEDCOM Viewer

gedcom viewer

A simple and easy to use software, GEDCOM Viewer is perfect as a family tree viewer software. Genealogical Data Communication or GEDCOM files can be easily viewed with this software without damaging the original .GED files.

  • details can be easily be copied or edited.
  • easy search options available.
  • the family tree can contain the details of the relationship clearly.

2. GENViewer Lite

genviewer lite

This is also another free software which has both the advanced and the quick search options. The separate tabs make the navigation and search easier for everyone. The other features include:

  • Can open other formats of files like PAF, TMG, SUB, PJC, FDB etc.
  • can import as many files as you want.
  • single page effective view.
  • easy file directory navigation.
  • detailed description of all relationships

3. GedView


This portable GED file reader has been popular among many users. All you need to do is extract the folder and then give the run command. This GED file viewer can only detect the GEDCOM file which is why editing or saving new data is not possible. However, it will:

  • show the detailed family tree.
  • Can include details of ancestors, descendants, their DNA structures, Y chromosomes etc.

4. GenealogyJ


Another free viewer software used for storing genealogic data is GenealogyJ. However, this is a Java based program and Java script needs to be installed before installing this software. Nevertheless, it can:

  • Include Family Tree, Geography, Table, family timeline etc.
  • perfect for genealogy researcher, hobbyist or family historians.
  • editing and saving data is possible.



Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System or simply called as GRAMPS is a free software which can be used to store family tree data. You can:

  • view the family tree or create your own.
  • easy keyboard shortcuts to make editing simpler.
  • get data in Pedigree View or Fan Chart View.

6. GedPad Pro

gedpad pro

It is a simple program where you can easily open the GED files. It can also be used for editing the GEDCOM files and saving the new data for future. The other features include:

  • locating non-standard names and date forms.
  • detecting the missing as well as the dead links.
  • you can bookmark any information within the family tree.
  • UTF-8, ANSI, and Unicodere the three encoding settings available for this.
  • change the display font as per requirement.

7. RootsMagic Essentials

rootsmagic essentials

A free genealogy software, RootsMagic Essentials will let you create the family trees easily.

  • import the GED files.
  • pedigree view gives it an interesting interface.

When you need a method for recording the family tree information, it is necessary to use the Genealogy software. It supports unlimited entry of data and resources to keep on maintain the family tree.

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