For many people out there, having a celebration that would allow them to publicly reveal the gender of their babies is a tradition. If you’re planning to have a party to reveal the gender of your child to your friends and family, then inviting them over for a gender reveal party can be quite a lot of fun. Lucky for you, on this list, we have something that can help you do just that.

We have here 8+ gender reveal party invitations that can help you invite guests over for the occasion. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in more invitation designs, then be sure to check out our Party Invitations for more choices.

Free Printable Invitation for Gender Reveal Party

free printable gender reveal party invitation

Twin Gender Reveal Party

twin gender reveal party invitation

Invitation for Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party

gender reveal baby shower party invitation

Baby Gender Reveal Party

baby gender reveal party invitation


Designing Your Invitations

When you’re sending out invitations in general, putting some thought and effort into designing them can be very important. If you receive an invitation that is well-made and very aesthetically pleasing, it may pique your interest making you want to attend the event. Thankfully, the invitation templates that we offer are very customizable for your convenience.

There are certain aspects to your invitation that you have to take into account before sending them out.

  • Color – The color you choose to use for your invitation card can already give the guests a clue as to the baby’s gender. Keep them guessing by placing both blue and pink or a gender-neutral color, like green, instead of settling for just one.
  • Theme – If you want your gender reveal party to follow a certain theme, you can have it do so. It’s your choice if you want to feature animals, Disney princesses or Marvel superheroes on your invitation cards.
  • Content – The most important part of the invitation. You need to make sure that your guests in attendance wouldn’t get confused or lost by putting in proper information on the invitation card you are sending out. Make sure to remember to include the date, time, as well as the venue of the party.

There are so many ways you can make your card much more relevant to the party you are hosting. And when you’re done with your gender reveal shindig, you can then check out these Naming Ceremony Invitations for a naming event.

Invitation for Gender Reveal BBQ Party

gender reveal bbq party invitation

Unique Gender Reveal Party

unique gender reveal party invitation

Gender Reveal Party Chalkboard

gender reveal party chalkboard invitation

Invitation for Gender Reveal Party

gender reveal party invitation wording

Chevron Invitation for Gender Reveal Party

chevron gender reveal party invitation


Why You Should Use These Gender Reveal Invitations

Welcoming a new member of the family onboard and learning whether the baby is a boy or girl can be absolutely exciting—and not just for the parents. These gender reveal invitation cards will help you gather everyone for that exciting news!

  • Because family and friends would want to be there when you announce that particular information. So send them an invitation now! Don’t leave anyone out and make sure that everyone is there to witness your revelation.
  • Invitations are also a great way for you to gauge how many people can make it so you know how much food or how many souvenirs you need to prepare.
  • These gender reveal invitations can also be customized to fit your specific aesthetic preference. You don’t have to go through the hassle of making your own from scratch.

Aren’t these invitations a great thing to have? We hope that these invitations can assist you in your preparations. Speaking of invitations, our website offers so many more invitation templates for you to choose from. If you’re not satisfied with just checking out invitations for gender reveals, then check out our Party Invitation Templates for more choices.

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