When you need to create, print and share family tree, these genealogy software are a great option to share with your family members. Irrespective of the number of images, birth dates, death dates, names and relations – you can create the family tree through these simple software.

Connecting notes with ancestral charts is a matter of no time if you use these free Genealogy Software.

1. Family Wheel

family wheel

Create a family tree with this freeware to give a succinct way of viewing the family’s ancestry. Some of the major deals are:-

  • there is both an installable application as well as an online version
  • include as many as images, notes, births and deaths
  • add information through a circular ancestry chart

2. RootsMagic Essentials

rootsmagic essentials

It is a free genealogy software which can be used for unlimited number of family members. Its core features include but not limited to:-

  • friendly menus and screen options
  • can hold unlimited sources, and multimedia items
  • has power tools like sophisticated soundex calculators and merge techniques

3. MyHeritage


A trusted free genealogy software, MyHeritage can be used to create easy and interactive family tree. Here are its features:-

  • helps your future gen research your family history
  • discovers suggested new relatives, automatically
  • have complete control over privacy
  • finds historical records of the ancestors

4. Gaia Family Tree

gaia family tree

This freeware helps to import as well as export family tree for unlimited number of generations. Some other features are:

  • reliable, easily accessible and smart in interface
  • designed keeping in mind the main focus of product and the chart
  • entire privacy is taken care of

5. ScionPC

scion pc

This is free and fully-featured software for genealogy which has the most interactive and easy-to-use interface. To get a clear display of family of the family members, there is hardly any comparison with any other software. It can:-

  • no naming constraints
  • can easily import data along with user-defined facts
  • on-screen dynamic presence about the ancestral data
  • can be used by professionals as well as by novices

6. Legacy Family Tree

legacy tree


family historian

8. Roots Magic

roots magic

9. Ancestral Quest

ancestral quest

10. Heredis


11. Brother’s Keeper

brothers keeper

12. GenBox


13. WinFamily


Family history is a matter of pride and should be stored is a simple yet protective way. The intuitive and smart way of representing the family tree starting from the oldest name and date you have will be a treasure for the future generation.

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