One of the best ways to boost up the load time and reduce bandwidth of website is by optimizing images by reducing the sizes of images as much as possible without distorting them. It can be done by compressing the images and is not just used for the web but also for reducing the disk space on the computer.

Here is a list of the best GIF Compressor Software which will keep the image intact but optimise the size.

1. FileOptimizer

fileoptimizer 1

An excellent image compression tool, it is widely used to compress PNG, JPG, GIF files for regular use. The other interesting features of FileOptimizer are:

  • Work with archives, executable files, PDF files etc.
  • does not affect the quality and clarity of images.
  • the original document goes to recycle bin and is not permanently deleted.

2. Caesium

caesium 1

If you are looking for an open source image compressor, this is the one. Most importantly, Caesium is free to download. You can also:

  • view the original file as well as the resultant file side by side.
  • saves space on the web.
  • compresses up to 90%

3. GIFmicro

gifmicro 1

It is probably the best looking application and is a powerhouse tool that will allow you to compress animated GIF images to a fraction of their original sizes.

  • Two compression modes – one, by deleting the unnecessary image data, other degrading the quality a little bit.
  • displays the percentage reduction in size.
  • batch processing is supported

4. GIF Optimizer

gif optimizer

A simple and feature laden program GIF Optimizer lets you reduce the size of animated GIF images keeping the image quality intact.

  • has a dual pane layout.
  • shows the before and after file sizes.
  • percentage reduction shown.
  • use the embedded player to compare the GIFs.

5. Kraken


To save the bandwidth of the website, Kraken is the best option. It is a very sleek and clean interface with best image compressing features.

  • an ultra fast image optimizer.
  • supports PNG, JPEG, SVG and GIF files.
  • lossy optimization option, SSL protection.

6. Gifsicle

gifsicle 1

Arguably one of the most feature GIF tinkering applications, Gifsicle does a lot more than just compressing animated GIFs.

  • Gifsicle is command-line based tool and needs more expertise than ever.
  • can be used to optimize animated GIF images, reduce colours, tweak dithering options.
  • numerous command line options can help to  add delay to the animation frames.

Animated GIFs almost rule the Internet. Be it memes or viral quotes, animated GIFs are everywhere. A powerful GIF compression program can help to reduce the images which tend to get too large in size without compromising the quality.

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