Graduation day is an important event in a person’s life. It is a celebratory occasion to honor yet another milestone that has been achieved by the person. Given that, you need friends and family to join you in the festivities. Send out an invitation to inform them and encourage them to attend the party.

You can count on invitation cards online or you can also create your own from scratch, getting inspiration from these templates. Bring out your creativity in customizing these templates and throw the best graduation party for the celebrant. You can send physical cards or you can email a soft copy to recipients.

College Graduation Invitations

Printable College Graduation Invitation

printable college graduation invitation



Blue and Red Graduation Invitation Template

blue and red graduation invitation template



Tassel Was Worth the Hassle College Graduation Invitation Card

tassel was worth the hassle college graduation card



Senior Graduation Invitation Template

sale senior graduation invitation template



Graduation Party Invitations

College Graduation Party Invitation

college graduation party invitation1



Printable Graduation Party Invitation

printable graduation party invitation2



Photo Graduation Party Invitation

photo graduation party invitation1



Blank Graduation Party Invitation

blank graduation party invitation



High School Graduation Invitations

High School Graduation Party Invitation

high school graduation party invitation1



XII Graduation Party Invitation

graduation invitation xii



What Should Be in Your Graduation Invitation?

There are many things that you can put in a party invitation for a graduation celebration. Though, there are things that you should not forget to include. These are important pieces of information that will make your invitation more personal and informative. See the list below and remember them as you start making your own invitation out of the templates that you got online.

  • Name of the Graduate – It is important for guests to know whose party they will be attending. Although some guests would identify the person by a certain name, it is still important for one to know the complete name of the celebrant. This will help them label any gifts properly or simply identify the graduate from the pool of graduates of their batch. You can write the name in the center of the card in large print or you can have it written casually somewhere in the invitation.
  • The University or College They Are From – It is also important to write which school the person will be graduating in your invitation template. This shows how a person takes pride in being once a student and now an alumnus of the institution. For high schoolers, you can also place the university to which they were accepted and where they plan to go to for the coming semester. Give the guests something to look forward to.
  • Year of Graduation – Another detail that should not be missed is the year of graduation. You can have a huge print of “Class of…” with the corresponding year the person is graduating. This will help your guest remember later on that the celebrant was a part of the batch of graduates in that particular year. A simple “Batch of…” will also suffice.
  • The Degree – For college graduates, you should also specify which degree the person took and successfully accomplished. This will help guests know what field they are in and maybe, later on, can recommend them for any opening. This is also one way of showing to others that the graduate is proud of the certain degree they have finished.
  • Achievements – Add the achievements of the graduate in the contents of the graduation invitation card. It can be written beneath the name or it can be highlighted with large fonts. These achievements can be their rank upon graduation such as “cum laude”, “magna cum laude”, “summa cum laude” or any other title they have acquired. These are things worth celebrating for and rightfully so, be made known to all coming guests.
  • Details of Ceremony and Party – You shouldn’t forget to add the details of the occasion as well. One is for the date, time, and location of the ceremony and the other is the details for the party. This is so guests can attend both if they wish to or they can go directly to the party. Also, this will give them a good estimate of when they should be heading to the party if they choose to not attend the ceremony.
  • RSVP – Lastly, you should give instructions to guests on how they can send their response to your invitation. This will help you have the proper headcount of who is and is not attending. Though, you can have a separate card for this that they can send to you or that you can collect within the given period you have given for guests.

Funny Graduation Invitations

Funny Graduation Card

funny graduation card



Funny Graduation Frog Invitation

funny graduation frog inviation



Funny Graduation  Monkey  Invitation

funny graduation monkey inviation1



Law School Graduation Invitations

Printable Law School Graduation Invitation

printable law school graduation invitation



Justice Wreath Law School Graduation Invitation

justice wreath law school graduation invitation1



Classic Law School Graduation Card

classic law school graduation card2



Nursing Graduation Invitations

Medical Nursing School Graduation Party Invitation

black gold medical nursing school graduation party card



Minimal Border Nursing Graduation Invitation

minimal border nursing graduation invitation



Nursing School Graduation Invitation

nursing school graduation invitation



Nursing Graduation Party Invitation

nursing graduation party invitation1



Nursing Graduation Invitation Wording

nursing graduation invitation wording



Resolving Graduation Invitation Hiccups with Simple Tips

Although you want your creation of event invitation templates for graduation parties to be smooth sailing, it is inevitable to encounter bumps along the way. It can be a problem with the design, the limited number of cards you can give away, or a trouble in the production itself. With that, you need to learn to find a way around the problem. There are simple solutions to common problems that you encounter. Read some of these in the texts below.

  • How Do You Solve Limited Invitations?
    It is common to have set a limit for your party invitations. This can be related to the number of guests allowed in a place or for financial reasons. Regardless, you can find a way to deal with this problem. The immediate family usually has the priority, but you should also take account of the graduate’s guests. Coordinate with whoever is graduating. On the other hand, if you are the graduate, inform whoever is in-charge of the number of guests you are planning on inviting. This will help them make the necessary adjustments.
  • How to Design an Invitation on a Budget?
    Your budget will always affect the outcome of your invitation. Even though you want to go all out on lavish designs, you are restrained by the limited amount you have to spend. Worry not, though, because you can easily download invitation templates that you can customize. This way, you won’t have to pay for a designer to do it. Add the important details and they are ready for printing. The best thing about these online templates is that they are created to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • How to Deal with Multiple Graduation Parties?
    Given that there are a lot of graduates celebrating their graduation, setting the date for a graduation party might be a handful. There are different ways you can solve this. One is to send your invitation ahead to be the first to inform others. Otherwise, you can check on the invitations you have received, and plot them out on your calendar to see other available dates. Another thing is to have a joint celebration with the other graduates. As they say, the more the merrier. This will also help you financial-wise since you have someone to split all the costs with.
  • How to Send the Invitations?
    There are many ways to send your invitation cards. You can have it sent via mail ahead of time for recipients living away from the place of the ceremony and party. You can also email it to them to cut the mailing fee and have it spent somewhere else. Though, a physical copy of the card is more appreciated than seeing them in just the screen of a computer. Another method is by handing it out yourself for guests that are just reachable from your location. Regardless of the method, the important thing is that you inform people ahead on when you plan to have your celebration.

Preschool Graduation Invitations

Preschool Graduation Party Invitation

preschool graduation party invitation



Preschool Graduation Announcement

preschool graduation announcement



Preschool Graduation Invitation Card

preschool graduation card



Printable Graduation Invitations

Printable Preschool Graduation Invitation

printable preschool graduation invitation



Printable Nursing Graduation Invitation

printable nursing graduation invitation2



Vintage Graduation Invitations

Vintage Graduation Party Invitation Card

vintage graduation party invitation card1



Vintage Graduation Cap Invitation

vintage graduation cap invitation



Vintage Inspired Graduation Invitation

vintage inspired graduation invitation



Vintage Style Graduation Invitation

vintage style graduation invitation



Types of Invitations Styles You Can Utilize for Your Invitation

The personality of the graduate can actually affect the type of invitation you can do for their graduation party. It can go from a very formal one to a very casual party invitation. With that, here are some styles that you might want to get inspired with as you start your own draft. You don’t necessarily have to stick with one alone. You can match styles together to make it even better.

  • Photographic – From its name, you can easily understand that these invitations are mostly made of photographic materials. Usually showcasing a huge photo on its center, this style displays the graduation picture of the celebrant. Though, it can also vary with the array of photos of the graduate occupying majority of the invitation card. This will easily inform the guests who are graduating without having to write too many texts to pass n the information. Also, this saves you from having to come up with a decent content to add in your invitation. The pictures will speak for you. The downside of this, though, is that it can be pricier when outsourcing a printing service mostly because the images cost more than the texts.
  • Formal – This invitation is full of words than the previous one. Mostly containing specific wordings that are appropriate for the occasion, this uses proper alignment and position of the contents. Also, the fonts used in this is most likely to be thin and narrow or in script style. This is usually given for formal parties complete with suit and gowns for guests to wear. Also, the colors used are mostly limited to two and are usually of gold or silver paired with a matte one. The designs are kept minimal to keep its sleek appearance.
  • Floral – Floral invitations are best to use for graduations close to summer. It is refreshing to look at with minimal shiny designs to accent your background. The flowers used can be in outline form or can be done to make them look like they were painted with watercolor. The font styles for these are kept simple. Often, you can find the words looking like it was done in calligraphy. Also, these designs mostly have a white background to give emphasis to the colors of the flowers. You don’t want your invitation templates to look like a rainbow card.
  • Themed – If the graduate is a fan of a certain movie, show, or book, a themed invitation can also be done. However, themed invitations are commonly used when the party has a theme as well. You can look for the favorite of the graduate and from there, you can find ideas on how you can incorporate the theme into it. Even the fonts used should also be based on the theme of invitation.

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