Grammar Checking Tools-7 Must have Grammar Checkers
People who have English as their second language face major problem in grammar. Even domestic speakers face such problems while writing English. This is the reason you should use this Grammar Checking software’s available on internet.

You may be a student who is studying an English subject or a blogger who uses English in his profession, a good grammar checking software is for you.Have a look at the listed Grammar Checking Tools and get the one which can serve you accordingly:-

1. Grammarly


This is the most error- free and perfect grammar checking software. It provides many features with a simple and easy to use interface. It needs browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari to get accessed. It manages more than 250 grammatical mistakes and has a pre-defined vocabulary enhancer for your better writing.

Grammary comes with following features:

  • Increase and intensify clarity and meaning.
  • With this software you can become a better writer.
  • Most writing mistakes are eliminated.

2. Ginger


It is a popular grammar checking software which provides accuracy and has many additional features. It is a free software with some autocorrects every week, but in the paid version you can enjoy all the features. It includes Sentence Rephraser for your sentence correction and a Text to Speech engine for pronunctiation.

Features of Ginger include:

  • It corrects singular/plural nouns.
  • Misused word correction.
  • Spelling correction.

3. After The Deadline

after the deadline

This software tool is an online grammar checking software, which is easy to use and manages grammar problems better that other ones. It fixes the sentence style, checks the spelling mistakes and provides suggestions for those mistakes too. Also it provides an explanation for each suggestion it provides, thus you could learn well with this software.

After The Deadline has following features:

  • Free for personal use.
  • You can add tour corrected documents to WordPress on specific web pages with any of the available browsers.
  • Best free software for commercial use.

4. WhiteSmoke


This software is very accurate and provides a ton of writing and compatibility features. It can be used in your browser for perfect grammar correction. It offers tips and suggestions to improve your English writing skills.

Features of WhiteSmoke include:

  • Provides extensive writing tutorials.
  • Provides basic grammar video tutorials.
  • Tailored for academic needs.
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

5. Online Correction

online correction

This software is a simple and accurate online grammar checking software. It covers many grammar mistakes, provides basic grammar correction technology and may skip the complex ones. It checks spelling mistakes and delivers suggestions to correct your sentences.

Features of Online Correction are as follows:

  • Improves stylish errors in englosh texts.
  • Free and easy online grammar correction software.
  • Helps in improving your writing skills.

6. Language Tool

language tool 1

This software is an online grammar checking tools applicable in desktops. It supports grammar correction for about 20 different languages including French, Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Italian and more. It has extensions for browser like OpenOffice, Firefox, Chrome and LibreOffice.

Features of Language Tool are:

  • Standalone for your desktop.
  • Rectify your grammatical errors by simply pasting your texts and clicking to “Check Text” button.

7. Spell Check Online

spell check online 1

This software is a free grammar correction and punctuation checker tool which helps you to rectify simple errors like Email or e-mail etc. It has an easy interface and provides many grammar checking advise on its official blog too. It works on many different languages like Italian, French, English, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, German, Spanish, Dutch, Suomi and Swedish texts.

Features of Spell Check Online include:

  • It examines and checks against 947 grammar and spelling rules.
  • Applicable to essays, resumes, academic reports, stories, business proposals, etc.

We have tried our best to cut out your task in searching for an efficient, easy, fast and reliable Grammar Checking Tools. Pick out the one which appeals you the most and the one which supports a better correction of your grammatical errors.

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