Individuals consume most of the time of their day to work or study. That said, they continuously push down exhausting and menial tasks such as grocery shopping to the bottom of their to-do lists. That is where you enter the picture. With businesses that offer services such as yours, these individuals can now grocery shop with just a few swipes and clicks. Heighten the online grocery shopping experience of your customers further by securing robust grocery delivery software today.

6+ Grocery Delivery Software

1. GoPuff



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Custom


2. Instacart



Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Custom


3. OurHarvest



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


4. Rappi



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


5. Growcer



Rating: 4.9/5

Price: Custom


6. FreshDirect



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


7. Burpy



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


What Is Grocery Delivery Software?

Grocery delivery software is a digital solution for eCommerce grocery stores and third-party delivery services. This system helps out in organizing online orders and digitizing the daily operations involved in the order lifecycle. It integrates varying business functions and tasks in a centralized interface, allowing users to control them under one roof. Also, with this software, businesses can set up online shopping carts and access online payment gateways for more seamless transactions.

In addition, it shows the availability of products and lets you display respective prices for individual products. Digital tools for planning delivery routes and platforms for business instant messaging are also available in this software.


With this technology, you can access capabilities for business process automation for streamlining repetitive and taxing tasks throughout the customer journey. Also, it allows customers to get updates and track order progress in real-time, giving them more confidence which enhances the overall customer experience. In addition, using this software to your advantage reduces necessary expenses and lessens workload. 


Varying businesses have different demands. This reasoning is why you can find plenty of grocery delivery solutions in the software market specializing in various aspects. With this long list of available options, arriving at a decision may be a little challenging for you. That said, in selecting which software to use, you should filter your choices effectively. Study them deliberately and single out the one that offers services that align with your needs. Also, consider several factors, such as your business size and preferred digital devices. In addition, you should look into these essential features:

  • Delivery scheduling tools
  • Task management functionalities
  • Order tracking capabilities
  • Route planning features
  • Live chat platform
  • Multiple payment processing gateways
  • Fleet management tools 
  • Analytics platform
  • Inventory management functionalities

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Software

1. Instacart

This food delivery software offers order management and live tracking tools to its users. They have 10,000 employees and have a revenue of 1.5 billion dollars.

2. Shipt

Delivery tracking and real-time monitoring functionality are accessible in this software. Shipt has 6,041 employees working for them and has 875.9 million dollars in revenue.

3. FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a grocery delivery system with functionalities for delivery scheduling and payment processing. They have 3,000 people in their team and have 750 million dollars in generated revenue.

4. goPuff

With this digital solution, you can use route mapping and scheduling software functionalities. They have a generated revenue of 615.9 million dollars and have 2,713 employees.

5. Rappi

This software provides its users with functionalities for your customer loyalty program and product tracking. They have employed 5,000 people and have 220 million dollars in generated revenue.

6. Growcer

This grocery eCommerce solution has inventory control and customer communications management tools. Its developer, FATbit Technologies, has 142 employees and has 20.6 million dollars in revenue.

7. Appscrip

Appscrip is an online grocery shopping software that has shift management and dispatch management capabilities. They have 104 employees and have a revenue of 15.1 million dollars.

8. Grobino

Driver management and item management tools are examples of features in this software. Its developer, Technoduce, has generated a revenue of 12 million dollars and employed 83 people.

9. Burpy

Burpy provides its users with automated routing tools and a grocery delivery system. They have a generated revenue of 4.6 million dollars and have 17 people working for them.

10. OurHarvest

This software is an online grocery store that provides and delivers fresh produce. They have a generated revenue of 1 million dollars and have seven employees working for them. 


What are essential tips for successful online grocery shop management?

To ensure a seamless online grocery shopping experience for your customers, you should utilize a powerful search engine. It will allow your clients to find the products they are looking for quickly. Also, ensure to display essential information to avoid further complications and provide flexible delivery. In addition, you should study data analytics to determine the gaps in your business and pivot your business plans and strategies to achieve desired results.

What are third-party online grocery delivery businesses?

For retailers that cannot deliver their goods themselves, they partner up with third-party delivery businesses. With this arrangement, they can ship the orders to the destination of customers instead. Third-party delivery portals provide a marketplace that lists available goods in a specific shop. It allows customers to choose and browse the grocery store of their liking.

What are the advantages of setting up an online grocery store?

With the changes brought by digital technology to how people sell and purchase goods, varying businesses choose to digitize their operations. Not only is it more efficient, but it also expands your customer reach. That said, setting up an online grocery store and leveraging your platform will give you a sharp competitive edge against your competitors.

Tailor and personalize customer experience and take control of your business at the tips of your fingers with appropriate digital solutions at your disposal. Download the best grocery delivery software today, and ensure your services remain hassle-free from the moment they browse your online store up to the delivery of their groceries at their front door. 

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