Grunge effect is the result of combined textures of organic, rustic, and other elemental designs. Although tricky to use, you can still often see this pattern applied on many posters, banners, and flyers. If you are thinking of using grunge patterns as your design, you can look for PSD patterns download.

Results would be of various styles and free patterns. There are those that use shades of black and white alone while some go all out with more colors. Aside from that, not all grunge designs are very outright with its texture. Some are subtle but nevertheless creatively beautiful.

Vector Grunge

vector grunge



Geometric Grunge

geometric grunge1



Subtle Grunge Patterns

subtle grunge patterns



Seamless Pattern

seamless pattern1



Corrosion Grunge

corrosion grunge



Little Secrets of Grunge Patterns

Although common to artists, not everyone is familiar with grunge design in general. To begin with, grunge effect or the grunge design is one of the go-to design next to glitters, retro, and floral. These are the few facts that you should learn about grunge effects:

  • It uses textures from natural elements thus it is often associated with the dirty and unorganized look. However, not all free patterns download are such. In fact, some are just light that it blends in with the solid colors for overlay.
  • Just because the designs have graffiti, torn pages, and ink blots, doesn’t mean it is automatically considered as grunge design. In fact, some geometric patterns can also be grunge patterns given that it has the elements that are needed. Even vintage poster designs can have grunge elements but are still called vintage designs.
  • In comparison to other designs, the grunge patterns use colors that are more on the neutral side rather than the bright ones. Even monochromes are accepted as the color scheme of grunge patterns. Although not applicable to all patterns, the colors usually used are hickory, wood, ash, fawn, or flaxen.

Photoshop Abstract Pattern

photoshop abstract pattern



Artistic Grunge

artistic grunge



Clover Pattern

clover pattern



Metal Grunge

metal grunge



Rainbow Pattern

rainbow pattern



Decorative Grunge Pattern

decorative grunge pattern



Grunge Styles and Trendy Designs

Creativity is the key when making grunge patterns. Now that you know the key elements in grunge patterns, you can then mix up the following styles on your patterns. Do not limit yourself to one alone. In fact, you can see samples online for combined styles in one output.

  • Taped edges, dog ears, and torn pages. It is common for grunge patterns to have edges that are torn, folded, or taped. The tape will usually be in yellow or white and are often cut out irregularly.
  • Coffee stains, smudged prints, and dirty edges. As part of the natural elements, grunge patterns also use typical dirt looks that you encounter daily. Coffee stains, for example. It can be a ring shape from the base of the cup or it can be a whole large area spilled with the beverage. The same goes for the smudged prints and other dirt that will add more elements to the style.
  • Paper clips, frames, and textures. Lastly, other styles will also have paper clips which often has a sticky note pair or photo that is as if being kept intact with the clip. Other than that, frames are also used along with digitized textures.

Experiment with the style and combine them with other patterns, such as glitter patterns or trippy patterns for new brilliant ideas.

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