Weddings, restaurants, coffee shops, any place that involves choices of food typically use a menu to list down all available choices. This can be in any style and in any design that you would find appropriate for your dishes. Although quite complex when you think about it, one of the easiest ways to come up with a good output is just to use a menu template for events or for other purposes. These can be found online along with different designs that you can apply. Make the right pick and introduce all food choices you have to offer with a creative menu that is made to be for your own personal use.

Choosing a template will need you to consider some important factors. These factors include the size of your menu, what colors you would like to see, the approach you want to impose on your guests, and some more things.

Conveniently, you will find multiple options to select from — elegant, chalkboard, vintage — these are all available. Not only do they come in different styles, but they are also for different celebrations. There are wedding menu templates, restaurant menu templates, and more. Furthermore, some of these templates are for free with a common license while others are for a reasonable price.


Menu Designs

Vintage Menu

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Have something lively on your menu with old school colors and designs that will make them more appealing. In this sample, the menu has a white base with subtle rays from the center, reaching out to the different sides of the menu. It mixes cute illustrations with texts of varied font types.

Chalkboard Menu



This design uses a black background with what looks like chalk residue from the erased writings on the board. It is then accentuated with minimal frames which can be straight lines with a simple curved corner or with a very thin line with curly corners. This style only uses the color white and true to its name, has a chalk-like texture which is good for party menus.

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Essential Tips for a Mouth-Watering Menu

The ultimate goal when making menus is to heighten the craving and appetite of those who are scanning it. Hence, making it as best-looking as possible is put in the top priority.

With that, here are some ideas and tips to apply to your menu:

Restaurant Menu



  • Check the reading pattern of guests and put the most important things in the area which most will look at first. This is very valued in businesses since you want your diners to patronize your specialties and most pricey dish. Though some event menus are slightly different.

Decorative Menu

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  • The cover of your menus should be very delightful to instantly catch the attention of those who see it. Use illustrations or professionally-taken photos for a better quality picture.

Simple Menu Design


  • Utilize fonts smartly. Use typographies that are readable yet stylish. You can group the dishes in categories so readers can easily select which ones they want for that particular category. Different fonts can be applied to it for emphasis. This is mostly applicable to menu for parties which has different themes.

Free Menu Template

Elegant Menu

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Elegant designs often use borders and colors that really look luxurious. Color schemes are mostly neutral or dark and has gold accents if not silver. This is used in menus for weddings and other formal gatherings.

Retro Menu

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Final Thoughts

In the end, how your menu templates would look like will depend on your eye. Remember to make your menu designs appealing to those who view it and get a good impression especially when you are managing a food business. Keep in mind that your wedding menu or restaurant menu adds to the appetite of those who see it. In turn, they become more interested in what awaits their plate. Give your menus a better look with creative menu template samples from the collection above.

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