For all the people who play guitar understands the importance of sound tuning, it has a number of advantages especially for those who play electric guitar. With that we have prepared a list of best guitar tuning app in the market and also given a brief review of the apps, so without wasting much time let get started.

1. GuitarTuna


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This is definitely one of the best guitar tuna apps in the market today. GuitarTuna has been approved and recommended by a number of music professionals and guitarists across the world the app has a variety of features and an impressing user interface.

Key Features:

  • User friendly interface.
  • Customizable visual design
  • Inbuilt mini games to play guitar
  • Has a Metronome and chord library.

Notable Feature:

The app not only works for acoustic and electric guitars but also for mandolin, violin, cello, balalaika, ukulele and even banjo. This guitar tuner for Android is a true string tuner.

2. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

chromatic guitar tuner

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The Chromatic Guitar Tuner app gives the user ability to tune their acoustic or electric guitar with simplicity and accuracy. The app also has capability to determine the string deviation and guides the user on the direction they need to tune in. gStrings comes with an inbuilt tuning fork which is capable of generation tones from 1 hertz to 22050hertz. The quality of the app and is both visual and service it provides.

Key Features:

  • Amazing design on home screen
  • Directional instructions saves the guitarist lots of time.
  • Ability to detect any pitch or note.
  • No ads or any form of in apps purchases

3. gStrings

tuner gstrings

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gStrings is another guitar tuna android app with an impressing user interface. It has a simple single screen which makes it come as second in design after the Guitar Tuna. The app works perfectly and it has minimal or no negative feedbacks from its users. The app utilizes your android device to listening every guitar pluck you make. The app is outstanding and it recommendable.

Key Features:

  • Simple and serious interface.
  • Orchestra tuning
  • Emanates with a inconstant range nonlinear scale.

4. PitchLab

pitchlab guitar tuner

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PitchLab is a flashy app loaded with tons of options for you to play with.The interface is kind of awfully techno. It may not be pleasing to a number of people but the app is great it works perfectly and the results are awful. One of the greatest features in the app is to provide users with ability to visualize sound in a number of ways.

Key Features:

  • Pre-installed radial and waterfall strobes.
  • Fine tuning and receptiveness is top notch.
  • Simple to use s you slide fingers horizontally to change mode.

Now I bet you have made a decision on which is the best guitar tuning app is right for you. With any of the apps you don’t need the guitar pros to tune it for you cause you already got one in your pocket. With any of the mentioned apps guitar playing will be more fun than it used try one and you will never regret.

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