The hack and slash games always bring a lot of fun for their players. These games are varying in the markets. Some of them are enough smashing to entertain the users.

There are hundreds of hack and slash games both for android and ios users.Most famous hack and slash games This list of today consists of the collection of most famous and widely popular hack and slash games. All of these are simply fantastic and enough entertaining to keep you happy. So let us begin the countdown!

1. Dungeon Hunter 4 best Android hack and slash gamesDungeon Hunter 4

dungeon hunter 4 best android hack and slash gamesdungeon hunter 4

It comes free of cost.

  • This is among the finest and fabulous hack and slash games of the era.
  • This is first on our list.
  • This is actually an RPG game.
  • It can utilize hack and slash mechanics much like you have ever expected it to be.
  • It is, by the whole, a wonderful and must to have game.
  • This can definitely change your mind.
  • So, be ready to give it a try during the weekends.
  • Get it on Google Play.

2. Dungeon Quest best Android hack and slash gamesDungeon Quest

dungeon quest best android hack and slash gamesdungeon quest

Its price is free.

  • Yes, this comes at no cost.
  • This is second on the list of famous and wonderful hack and slash games.
  • It is a very entertaining game to give a try to.
  • This can be played both like rpg game as well as slash game.
  • Now it is up to you of how you get entertained from this hack and slash game.
  • Get it on Google Play as it is available there.

3. Eternity Warriors best Android hack and slash gamesEternity Warriors 3

eternity warriors best android hack and slash gameseternity warriors 3

Its cost is free.

  • The Eternity Warriors 4 is a seriously popular game.
  • This has seen more than five million installations.
  • It is a brilliant and among the most fantastic hack and slash games.
  • It has many MMORPG elements than most with guilds, co-op, and PVP.
  • It comes with four kingdoms, three character classes, powerful abilities, and provides much fun.
  • You can get it on Google Play.

4. Android hack and slash gamesHail to the King: Deathbat

android hack and slash gameshail to the king deathbat 1

This one comes at five American dollars per installation.

  • The Hail to the King: Deathbat is a hack and slash game you would feel proud of.
  • It is officially launched and marketed by Avenged Sevenfold.
  • This is one of the finest hack and slash games.
  • It comes with awesome elements.
  • This features cursory RPG elements, massive levels, a nightmare mode for you, as well as it has creepy gameplay.
  • It can boast your mental capabilities for almost twelve hours.
  • Feel free to get it on Google Play.

5. Inotia 4 best Android hack and slash gamesInotia 4

inotia 4 best android hack and slash gamesinotia 4

Its cost is free.

  • The Inotia series is a long time favorite of Android gamers.
  • It is among the most wonderful and outstanding hack and slash games.
  • This has come with different difficulty levels.
  • The game is enough amazing to keep the users busy the whole day.
  • It has bit simple yet marvelous graphics.

6. Iron Knights

iron knights

7. Mage And Minions

mage and minions

8. SoulCraft 2 – Action RPG

soulcraft 2 action rpg

9. Sword of Chaos

sword of chaos

What do you think about these hack and slash games?

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