Are you fond of reading horoscopes or astrology as a subject in general? Great! Our list of free of Horoscope Software brings you the easiest and most cost effective way of getting a glimpse in your future.

These software are available for Windows, Mac and Mobile.

1. Astroloka – A Freeware Horoscope Programme


Download Astroloka if you want a basic application for horoscope readings

  • Calculate horoscopes from 1800 A.D. – 3000 A.D.
  • Includes basic horoscope details such as Rasi, Planet Positions, Navamsa, Vargas etc.
  • Bhava Chart with two styles of equal houses and placidus system
  • Calculate Dasas by taking a year as 360 or 362.25 days
  • Displays longitudes for rahu and ketu position
  • Displays charts in 3 different styles, update time zones and get the names of planets in both English/Hindi

2. KP New Astro – An Astrology Application For Both Professionals and Beginners

kp new astro

Download KP New Astro if you want a detailed horoscope reading

  • Generate both natal and horary charts
  • Access both Vedic and Western aspects of astrology
  • Determine cuspal and planetary positions u
  • Generate reports/documents in PDF, TXT and RTF formats
  • Four step helper and take Dasas up to 2 levels

3. MB Horoscope Compatibility – A Simple Way To Determine Compatibility

mb horoscope compatibility

Check out MB Horoscope Compatibility if you want to know the compatibility between two persons

  • Intuitive interface with data input areas in open boxes
  • Detailed information by providing details such as : birth date, time of birth, place, longitude etc.
  • Answers with very few technical terms pertaining to astrology
  • Natal Positioning available for experienced users
  • Choose between Western and Vedic Astrology

4. Jagannatha Hora – A Vedic Horoscope Reader

jagannatha hora

Use Jagannatha Hora to get an accurate reading using Vedic rules

  • Get accurate reading from 5400BC – 5400 A.D.
  • Calculate all sublords of planets and cusps
  • Displays Dasas according to your choice of calendar and Ayanamsa
  • Contains an atlas with half million cities in USA and over two million international cities

5. Astrology For Windows – A Horoscope Software With An Array Of Options

astrology for windows

Check out Astrology for Windows if you want additional features besides horoscope reading

  • Planetary calculations in Tropical/Sidereal zodiac and seven house systems for 8000 years
  • Includes minor planet Chiron and moon’s true nodes and also includes an atlas with details back from WWII for 250 countries
  • Displays two types of graphic wheels for reports and Calculates solar/lunar returns, transit lists and composite charts
  • Reports generated can be converted to PDF or HTML
  • Cons: Free trial period with a paid upgrade

6. Horoscope – A Basic Software For Horoscope Readings


Use Horoscope, a software which delivers horoscopes directly to your desktop
  • Includes both weekly/monthly horoscope readings
  • Readings are divided into three different category : Wellness, Love and Career
  • Delivers horoscope readings straight to your desktop
  • Simple interface with readings at hand by simply clicking on your star sign
  • Cons: Source of the readings are not clear

7. Astro-Vision – A Free Multi-Language Astrology Software

astro vision

Download Astro-Vision now for personalized horoscope reports

  • Generates horoscope reading depending on your date/place/time of birth and other details
  • Available in 8 different languages such as English, Bengali, Hindi etc.
  • Gives your horoscope reading depending on the regional chart style
  • Longitude, Latitudinal details available in their in-built atlas
  • Predictions of Panchang and Bhava and also based on the effects of Dasa/Apahara
  • Available for free for both Windows and Android users

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