As a kid, everyone’s fantasy was to ride horses however, horse riding is not everyone’s cup of tea. The dreams remained dreams however now it’s possible to breed your dream to breed horses of different types and features. Yeah! It’s possible in the virtual world. Now you can buff p your horses, custom horses for any derby like a journey. Fasten your belts because this list will let you know which games to choose for the best gaming experience and satisfaction of your well kept dream. Here are top six games tested for excellence for smart phones genre.

1. Horse Haven World Adventures

horse haven world adventures

First in the list, stands this game with an amazing gaming experience. Now make your horses ready for any journey with buffing features, customize your horse to make it look more appealing and many more stuff. One of the best game in the smartphone genre.

  • The game comes with inter-breeding with friends and breeding of horses.
  • With different locations to choose, run steeplechase on a world tour with your horse.
  • Unlock levels and raise the best of breeds.
  • Breed horses with your friend’s horses to create the rare breed.
  • The game is available for Android and iOS devices.

2. Unicorn Rush

unicorn rush

Guess the name of the game you would play if you like Unicron and the name comes to mind is Unicorn Rush. With mythical unicorn to play and vibrant color scheme, this game is addictive and available on Android and iOS devices.

  • Multipliers to increase your score.
  • With every new level, unlock new Unicorn character.
  • Plays music tracks to keep you going or you can play your own from iPod.

3. My Horse

my horse

Exceptional graphics and visual that will keep you stunned, this game is 4.5 rated by users. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

  • Competitions to challenge opponents.
  • Breed your horse.
  • Play with your friends and challenge them.

4. Race Horses Champions 2

race horses champions 2

Wow! That’s the only word you can say when you check out this game. Stunning 3D graphics and is available to iOS and Android users. SO challenge your opponent and reach the finish line first.

  • 3D Graphics to keep you entertained.
  • Multiplayer option.
  • Training track to get ready for your races.
  • Touch and motion control to ride the horse.

5. Cartoon Horse Riding

cartoon horse riding

Similar to Subway surfer, in this game you have to collect points and beat the opponent with highest scores. Get rewarded and achievements. This game has okay graphics and can be played by people of all ages.

  • Collects rewards on achievement.
  • Easy to use controls and leader board to display scores.
  • Collect coins to level up and more.

6. Run Horse Run

run horse run

Skip and tackle all the obstacles, tackle thunders and collect coins to level up. With its 3D graphics, it is the second most addictive game in the 3D genre.

  • Tackle obstacles collects coins.
  • Good sound effects with better visuals.
  • Great viewing angle when it comes to the camera angle.
  • Record your rewards and achievements and brag in on the leader boards.

7. Horse Racing 3D

horse racing 3d

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