Digital image compression has made it possible to lessen redundancy inherently present in your image data and help you store and transmit data in a much more efficient manner, thereby saving bandwidth expense and a lot of time.

For your photos we list here a number of image compression software which meet a wide range of the user’s compression needs.

1. Fileminimizer Pictures- Great Compression Rate and Features

fileminimizer pictures

If you want a great deal of compression for your professional needs then Fileminimizer Pictures is the exact software you want. Besides it also offers a number of interesting features.

  • Fileminimizer Pictures has compression rates which can go further than 90 percent of the size of the image.
  • You can also link it to social media (for instance Facebook) where it compresses and uploads your pictures directly.
  • Lossless compression with features like batch processing makes it a good choice of compression software.

2. Caesium- For those who prize speed above all else

caesium image compressor

Caesium is an amazing open source software that helps you compress your images with minimum quality loss. However, there are a couple of formats for which it does not provide lossless compression.

  • One of the most frequently used compression software on the market, Caesium is quite reliable and user-friendly.
  • It does not provide Lossless PNG compression.
  • However features like metadata storing facilities and subfolder structure support make up for its drawbacks.

3. Jstrip 3.3- Faster and Quicker JPEG Compression

jstrip download

Jstrip is free software which helps you to lower the size of your JPEG images and the compressed images do not lose out a lot of their original quality.

  • It is effective in removing EXIF data, JFIF Header , XMP data etc as per the user’s desire.
  • Since extra bytes, thumbnails and color profiles or in general any unnecessary data will be removed and this helps a lot to cut bandwidth costs for low-budget websites.
  • On its own the software will replace your images so you are compelled to work with the copies.

4. OptiPNG- Effective PNG optimization For the Serious Users
advanced png optimizer

OptiPNG is a lossless PNG optimizer which has a command-line bases setup. It even helps you convert other formats into PNG form.

  • This software used a command line-based and is full of different options so thought it may be intimidating for the amateur user, the rewards for taking the time is quite great.
  • On an average it can drop the size of a PNG by one-third which is quite commendable.
  • It also converts formats like MP, GIF, TIFF to compressed PNG.

5. PNGGauntlet: Good Quality Compression for a number of formats


PNGGAuntlet is a piece of software that combines the resources of three other ones, – namely PNGout, OptiPNG, DeflOpt.

  • It has a simple drag and drop working mechanism which is good for your average user.
  • It has probably the best PNG compressions rates across all its other competitors at present.
  • Since it uses three different software packages the effective time taken per compression is pretty high but at least the quality is unaffected and the reduction is comprehensive.

6. PNGOptimizer 2.2: Light on the machine yet Heavy on the Options


Though it is a roughly 150 KB download size PNGOptimizer is an effective compression tool with plenty of interesting features.

  • PNGOptimizer principally removes useless information from your PNG files and also helps converting BMP, GIF and TGA into lossless PNG format.
  • Animated PNGs are also supported by the software and even makes easily obtainable PNG screenshots for you.
  • It is light on your machine and affords features like removing text, background color.

7. PNGOUTWin: Smarter Interface and Easily Configurable

png optimizer

PNGOut is one of the best PNG compression tools available. It is easy to use and affords a great deal of functionality.

  • It can be used to overwrite the original image file and save your output elsewhere.
  • You can also adjust the level of compression to one that fits your needs the best.
  • Typical drag and drop interface to ease user access and excellent compression rates make it a very smart option.

8. RIOT: Smart Interface Coupled with Good Configurability

optimize images

Radical Image Optimization Tool or RIOT is a great software compression toolkit which helps you optimize a wide variety of image files.

  • It not only helps convert JPEG, GIF and PNG images but it’s clear interface helps you compare the different outputs of the respective compressions.
  • The batch interface is responsible for processing multiple image files at a pretty decent speed.
  • Though it is freeware, it will install additional software during installation but the smart interface and features make it worth the download.

9. ScriptJPG: JPG Compression for the Engineers and Fairly Technical


ScriptJPG acts as a front end to various command line tools. While its user interface could use some work it is pretty nifty package for JPG compression.

  • This is a tool mostly for front end engineers to compress JPG files and it can afford both lossy and lossless compressions.
  • The lossless compression of JPEG images is quite commendable.
  • The software also lets you determine compression parameters and has an average light download size of 250 KBs.

10. FileOptimizer – Flexible across all formats


FileOptimizer is a versatile piece of software that helps you compress almost all kinds of files and doesn’t compromise much on quality.

  • From JPG , GIF, PNG images to PDF files FileOptimizer compresses about almost every kind of file that you may need.
  • In spite of the array of files it can compress, it affords a very easy drag and drop process and is thus extremely easy to use.
  • Lossless compression rates are also quite commendable.

These are the best Image Compression Software available in the market. They are customized to meet the user’s needs and are reliable for the amateur as well as for the front end developers.

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