Do you want software that allows you to view the photos that you clicked or downloaded or that your friends shared with you?

Our following list shows you in details some of these software that are available for downloading for free. These software are available in the platforms of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

1. FastStone Image Viewer – A Powerful Image Viewer and Editor

faststone image viewer

Check out FastStone Image Viewer if you want a lightwieight software for viewing photos

  • Rolling the cursor whenever the image is in full screen brings advanced menus and toolbars
  • Customize wallpapers by adding borders, altering size etc.
  • Creative menus include options such as slide show builder, contact sheet builder, image strip tools etc.

2. Irfanview – A Image Viewer Software That Supports All Image-Formats


Use IrfanView if you want to edit your images besides viewing.

  • Features such as multi-language support, painting, slideshow, fast-directory browsing etc. available
  • Also supports IPTC editing, extracting icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs, Unicode, many plugins etc.
  • Has an inlaid print option; embed colours in JPG/TIFF etc.

3. XnView – A Image Viewer For PC/Mobile/Developers


Download XnView if you want a versatile image viewer that works on various platforms

  • Viewing options include : thumbnail, fullscreen, thumbnail, slideshow etc.
  • Edit the viewed photos with features such as resize, rotate, auto levels/contrast, colour depth/palette etc.
  • Export to various formats and also create web pages, contact sheets, video thumbnails gallery etc.

4. WildBit Viewer – Photo Viewer With a Wide Range Of Features

wildbit viewer

Use WildBit Viewer if you want a compact and fast image viewer

  • Viewer includes details such as EXIF data, meta data, IPTC (IIMV information), JPEG/TIFF support etc.
  • Includes a Shell Toolbar which allows you to drag and drop your favourite folder to use it as an organizer
  • Compare images side by side; and edit with it’s integrated editor

5. Vallen Jpegger – Play Music While Viewing Photos

vallen jpegger

Download Vallen Jpegger for a pleasing experience while viewing photos

  • Orient snapshots without losing any quality through lossless JPEG rotation
  • Runs in both Windows 32 and 64 bit version and also offers a wide range of language options
  • Comes with an inbuilt mp3 player, that organizes and modifies music files

6. DIMIN Image Viewer – A Basic Image Viewing Software

dimin image viewer

Download DIMIN Image Viewer if you want a viewing software with unique specifications

  • Cache all images with added pre-cache of upcoming files
  • Metadata includes : EXIF, IPTC, GeoTIFF, GeoJPEG etc.; also includes advance zoom tools operated simple mouse gestures
  • Update your photos automatically on the internet

7. Nomacs-Image Lounge – A Free Open-Source Image Viewer

nomacs image lounge

Use Nomacs Image Lounge, a photo viewer that supports RAW and PSD formats

  • Browse zipped or MS Office files which can be later extracted to a directory
  • Apply a file filter in a directory for viewing your photos with ease
  • Cacher activating allows you to toggle between photos instantly

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