Although Photoshop is the best software to create trendy and attractive infographics, you may not always have the hours to invest. During these time crunches we crave for something ready to be modified within seconds using latest the infographic tools and modeling software.

We present to you the most updated list of the coolest software and tools to create infographics in the fastest way possible.

1. Google Developers- HTML5 compatible and customization rich


Google Developers is prime choice of every infographic developer, this free software comes with multiple chart tools which are easy to use and versatile too. You can choose from an extensive list of charts and data forms to achieve your desired results.

2. free templates and guidance for beginners

easely 1

This is a new infographic tool in the market which offers free templates for infographic designers to start off with. You can choose from multiple text styles, fonts, colors and size options to jazz up your infographic chart. Experience one touch repositioning of graphics with Infographic Software.

3. audio, text, link, videos everything in one infogram


A super easy but extremely useful tool which can be used by anyone to create a variety of graphs, maps and charts as per their needs. They can also accommodate pictures and images as a part of the infographic charts. For your ease, the data is placed in an excel file which can be edited directly without going through the software specific pathways.

4. Visme- Picture libraries, YouTube Videos and animations all for free


With Visme you can create interactive charts, presentations and infographics within seconds without having to start from scratch. You can choose from a huge array of shapes and icons which gives you templates to start from. This is a free tool which has interactive, editable chart values, a large collection of images and codes for embedding YouTube videos into your infographic.

5. Canva- “23 second guide to Beautiful Design”


This is a unique infographic creation software which provides a blank canvas with a “23 second guide to Beautiful Design”. The excellent short intro is apt to introduce you to the basics of this free software. There are hundreds of templates for blogs, presentations, social media etc which can be used as a base for your infographic. The intuitive design along with a large library of images to choose from makes Canva the best free tool for any designer.

6. Piktochart- creating infographs within minutes from free templates


This is not only easy to use Piktochart is also one of the cleanest tools in this list. This is an intuitive UI and provides immense freedom in creating resizable canvas, design driven charts and informative infographs. The themes and templates provided are absolutely free and can be put to use instantly; you can also embed videos directly from Vimeo and YouTube into your infograph design without any glitches.

7. Venngage- customizable themes, hundreds of chart options

vengage 1

Venngage is Possibly the greatest tool created by man for making infographics. You can choose from ready to be exploited templates and themes, hundreds of chart options and icons. You can even upload your own videos via YouTube; add your own images and backgrounds without weighing down the basic templates.



9. Gliffy


10. Timeline


11. ICharts


12. Photo Infographic


13. StatSilk




15. Creately


16. Smartdraw


17. Infographics Presence

infographics presence

18. Sprites


19. Prezi


A complete collection of the best infographic maker software programs to make your task easier and faster without burning a hole through your pocket. These tools are ideal for beginners as most of them come with user instructions.

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