Internet Usage Monitor Software – ‘’ For effective bandwidth management especially with reference to allocated quotas’’
Internet usage monitor software, is basically any and all related software that is best characterized with keeping a track of internet usage, monitoring and managing bandwidth use, with respect to the quota limit allocated by an ISP or in simply keeping track of bandwidth consumption rates.

Thus with this software one will be able to effectively keep track and manage internet usage with reference to allocated bandwidth or other factors in consideration among much more.

1. NetSpeedMonitor – Detailed statistics, efficient and accurate


This is a lightweight, efficient as well as effective internet usage monitoring software, with detailed traffic statistics and also quite relatively easy and simple to use.

Key features:

  • Displays net usage in real time
  • Definite tracking of internet usage at all times
  • Keeps track of speeds (both upload and download) at all times.

2. NetWorx – Effective bandwidth monitoring and usage reports


Best defined as a powerful tool, simple and yet free. Provides effective bandwidth consumption rates, statistics on speed, set usage limits, as well as customizable alerts on the event of suspicious or heavy usage as well as hitting the set limit.

Key features:

  • Evaluates internet bandwidth consumption rates
  • Measures speed of internet connection or any other connections thereof
  • Set bandwidth limits
  • Alert capabilities when reaching limits
  • Creates reports detailed on a line chart on the statistics in internet usage

3. BitMeter 2 – Elegant, pleasing and relatively free of charge

bitmeter 2

BitMeter 2, is quite capturing with its visual prowess. Whether in management in bandwidth limits, or real time display updates as well as, indeed well saved statistics for viewing history in bandwidth consumption.

Key features:

  • Adding quota limits to bandwidth management
  • Real time display of upload and download speeds
  • Graphical display of the statistics in speed
  • Historical data stored in graphs and also relatively available numerically
  • Remote speed monitoring

4. Cucusoft Net Guard – Simple to use and easy to understand

cucusoft net guard

Outstanding, simple and easy to use, are the least of the characteristics, all thanks to its user friendly interface. Indeed it’s quite a treasure. With guaranteed wins such as no adware nor malwares to keep badgering you.

Key features:

  • User friendly interface
  • Capabilities in setting quota limits
  • Detailed statistics in reports of bandwidth usage
  • Offer solution in finding and neutralizing malwares consuming data
  • See any and all programs connected to the internet

5. ISP Monitor – lightweight and straight forward as well as easy to use

isp monitor

Effective and simple to use software, from real-time traffic monitoring, to aspects in tracking relative usage statistics, ISP Monitor proves to be quite the tool it is set to be.

Key feature:

  • Bandwidth traffic download and upload speeds monitoring
  • Storage space or disk monitoring
  • Provide statistics on bandwidth usage
  • Simple to update to latest versions
  • Simple and quite relatively easy to use with reference to its interface

6. Free Meter

free meter

7. ISP Monitor

isp monitor 3

Each and every consequent software listed in this well evaluated list, is as a product of exquisite evaluation of customer rating, reviews and product overall functionality. Thus indeed this list provides you with the best Internet usage monitoring software out here in the market, that best suits your needs and desired purposes.

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