A wedding is an exciting moment in a couple’s life. Despite the bliss of the occasion, preparation is still much needed to make this event a success.

One of the things to do is to get your invitations ready so you can send them out already to your friends and family. A good design for an invitation is important because it heightens the anticipation of everyone about what will unfold during your big day. You can look for templates of wedding invitations that you can edit to make your work easier. There plenty of designs which will make the fairy tale of your dreams come true.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Vintage Design

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Vintage wedding invitation designs are very prominent in wedding invitations. On this design, you can see the hazel wood shade with a rough-like texture. On both top and bottom edges is the alabaster lace accent. The same shade of alabaster is used as the font color of the script-style and serif-style text. These texts are evenly spread out all over the remaining free space for balance.

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For this design, the background shade between linen and parchment is decorated with repetitive ornaments that are a shade lighter. At the center is a frame with one edge that is in floral vector and the other that only uses straight lines. Meanwhile, the texts at the center are kept simple in sans serif. Though, the name of the couple is done in a stylish font type for emphasis. The cherry on top is the lone heart at the center of the invitation that is in the same shade of mocha as the rest of the texts. This is also great for event invitations.

Elegant Design



This elegant design basks in the luxury of gold in its frames and its texts. The base background is a darker shade of gold then layered with a black rectangular shape before the neat vector frame is added. On the corners of the frame are ornaments that are neatly arranged. The same ornament is applied at the center to highlight the names of the couple to be married.

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Above is another elegant design that is a shade darker than sepia and is a save-the-date sample invitation. Its back side is complete with a vector floral pattern with a few inches kept untouched for any text that you may want to include. On the front side, however, is a cream blank space reserved for the names of the couple, date of the event, and the venue. Also, a broken-lined frame is in the corner of the blank space to create a division.

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This last elegant design has the perfect combination of blue and gold on its frames. Inside is a clear white background that makes the black script text legible. Floral vectors are displayed on its four corners too. This is perfect for weddings that has blue and gold color motif.

Floral Design



Floral designs are great for weddings, too. Flowers look refreshing whether used as frames or as the backgrounds. Like this sample above, it uses colorful flowers on alternate  ends with some series of lights stretching from left to right. The wood behind the texts make the texts and illustrations clearer and brighter to see. Aside from that, font types are mixed up too from serif to script that looks even better together. You can also find invitation flyers with this design.

Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Invitation

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Another trend this 2017 are watercolor designs. Light dabs of pastel colors are displayed in usually white backgrounds. Most of the time, the paintings form flowers. Planning to host a spring wedding? Why not try watercolor invitations and use calligraphic font styles? It is neat and simple but still elegant enough for a wedding.

Hand-drawn Invitation

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Opting for another minimal design? Why not go for hand-drawn style? In this example, the flowers are just in outlines but are visibly in detail. On the center is a clean black frame that isolates the text from the drawing. You will see that the names of the couple, written in calligraphy style, stands out despite the size of the flowers. This design is perfect for birthday invitations too.

Retro Invitation

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Even weddings can go retro. Vibrant shades and cool shapes—these are the usual things you will see in retro designs. If you and your partner leaning into something casual rather than the elegant ones, retro is one of the many themes to consider. In this design, blue and red meet halfway with a polka dot accent that perfects the look altogether.

Free Printable Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitation

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In the example above, the background is a cork board texture added with a line of lace on top and thin white lines that crisscross each other at the bottom. On top of this neat background are texts that are very light. Not even the names of the couples are in bold font. Aside from the texts, you will also see two arrows in opposite directions that point to the heart at the center. End your wedding night with a blast and send cocktail party invitations in this layout for your after party.

Simple Wedding Invitation

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There are minimal designs too if you really want something that is not over the top. Just like the example above, a plain black background is bordered with teal and white frames. Flower petals are in all four corners to complete the look of the frame. Inside are thin serif texts that are in white font color. In hindsight, this can be considered as a chalkboard design.



This last design may have flower patterns on its background and foreground, yet it still is kept simple with the plain white color on its text. The flowers are just in outline that drawn over the background which has a denim shade. Additional accents of it include two line frames that enclose the contents inside it.


With the designs above, it is obvious to say that an invitation is very versatile when it comes to what designs can be used on it. The examples are just some of the many that you can use for your wedding.

Customize the templates to generate something new from the ideas that you have gathered. Bring out your creativity and pour all your efforts to this giveaway that will be a part of this new journey in life. Download now and start your forever with a compelling invitation cards that will make your guests say “I do.”

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