Fourth of July is an annual celebration in the United States in commemoration of the day when the nation has been finally liberated and the most sought independence has been achieved.

Celebrate this day in a special way with families and friends to join you for a fun-filled party. Send out special invitations that you have made yourself out of sample invitation templates that you got online. Start the celebration with an invitation that will make everybody look forward to spending the rest of the holiday with you. Check out our collection below and see amazing designs that you can also have for your own.


Patriotic Fourth of July Downloadable Invitation



Printable Fourth of July Invitations

Vintage Fourth of July Invitations


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Above is a vintage design that is comprised of red, blue, and white rays that point towards the center of the invitation. This has multiple fonts in the same red, blue, and white color scheme. At first glance, you would even see that this invitation has a southern vibe. Each portion of the invitation is given highlight and is creatively bordered with lines of stars for proper space distribution. Overall, this looks good for a traditional barbecue party with your folks.

Chalkboard Fourth of July Invitations


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Want to go rustic on Independence Day? Try this chalkboard design that follows a patriotic color scheme of blue, red, and white. It mixes up the font styles from script to serif and there are noticeable special fonts, too. The whole space of the invitation is occupied with text. To create a distinction between all the written information, stars and lines are placed in between the text. The perfect rustic style for your party invitations.

Handwritten Fourth of July Invitations


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This handwritten invitation uses lighter colors but still follows the typical color scheme for Fourth of July. The plain black background highlights all the colors used in the invitation, especially the fireworks scattered all around. There are lines of stars as well that make the overall look if this invitation more patriotic. Celebrate Independence day with a festive invitation to give to friends.

Free Fourth of July Party Invitations

Retro Fourth of July Party Invitations


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Side stars and subtle blue rays—these are the prominent designs in this retro-inspired invitation. At the top of the invitation are triangle banners in white and blue. At the center is the inverted trapezoid that only floats until about the quarter size of the spread. Written inside are the important information such as the date, time, and venue of the party. This modern twist that uses old-school designs is great for cocktail party invitations to share with your good old buddies.

Watercolor Fourth of July Party Invitations


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Join the trend of modern designs with this watercolor-themed invitation. From the word “‘Merica” to the aviator glasses with the star spangled banner at the center and New York high rise buildings as background, you will notice that every detail of the invitation is painted. Instead of using borders, this invitation has the texts written in blocks instead. On one area is the location, another for the RSVP, and at the center is the date and time. Get modern with your designs and catch the attention of different people, even the millennials.

Contemporary Fourth of July Party Invitations



If you want to go the extra mile with your modern design, this contemporary invitation is one to admire. It has a very clean look with properly-spaced words in font styles that look pretty stylish. At the top and bottom are star-studded patterns while a cute red banner is placed over the top pattern. At the center is another red line that has probably things to expect during the occasion. This invitation looks neat and is perfect to hand out as a potluck party invitation during the Fourth of July.


Overall Thoughts

In the end, you will be surprised on how many invitation designs you can use for a special holiday such as the United States’ Independence Day. What better way to start a party than by giving out invitations that will excite everyone from the moment they see the designs. These samples above are just a few of those that you can give away.

Download or buy now and prepare for a fantastic celebration of your Fourth of July.

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