IP blocker software tools restrict undesired IP addresses. When you are online and access internet, you have an exclusive IP address just like your residence, which is traceable and inform other users where exactly you are located. To prevent others particularly hackers from tracking your IP addresses, break into your computers and pirate confidential information you require IP blocker software.

These software packages not only hide your real location but also keep your online surfing private, assuring you the immunity to surf freely without any information leakage

1. Hide My IP

hide my ip

This is another one of the most popular IP address blockers. It not only lets you surf anonymously but also lets you send anonymous emails. It forbid hackers from acquiring your IP address and prevents the government from spying on you. You can access IP addresses of over 90 countries using this software tool.

2. HotSpot Shield

hotspot shield

It is one of the fastest and finest VPNs. It has plenty of features like securing your internet connection and encrypting your private data so that you can safely and securely surf web whether you are at home or in public. It also provides accessibility to blocked and censored websites using Hotspot Shield VPN.

3. Mask My IP

mask my ip

Mask My IP is an IP addresses hiding tool specifically designed to protect your IP address from hackers and other identity thieves, who can anytime get into your computer tracking your IP address and can not only track your online surfing but can also wipe off your private information and leak it.

4. IP Hider pro

ip hider pro1

This one is among the most qualified software to hide your IP address. You can not only hide your real location but you are also assured of the government level safety factor so that nobody can track your internet traffic. It gives you the privilege to choose the time for which you can keep the same IP address or change in every 1,5, 30 or 60 minutes.

5. Hide all IP

hide all ip1

Its one of the most trusted IP hides software in the world. It’s a single click software where you simply click “connect” and your IP address is hidden instantly. Its servers are located all over the world which can be connected easily if you want to change your IP address, just click the “connect” button again.

6. Platinum Hide IP

platinum hide ip2

This is a professional software tool providing Platinum online privacy protection. Its features reflect that it has been built on technology to protect user’s privacy. It essential features are, it anonymizes you by hiding your IP thus protecting you from being tracked, send anonymous emails, visit blocked and censored websites .

7. Open VPN

open vpn2


OpenVPN is an open source software application that creates secure connections and remote access facilities. Its provides encryption of both data and control channels thus protecting it from being accessed by any outside user. It can also block IP addresses so that your online surfing and internet traffic remains safe and secure.

8. ProxyShell Hide IP

proxyshell hide ip1

It is one of the most powerful and effective programs to use. Its most essential feature is that it uses multiple proxies to hide IP address. It has the ability to use up to 10 proxy IPs simultaneously and can change IP for each site automatically which makes it nearly impossible for track down real IP address.

What is IP blocking software?

Whenever you are online and active on the internet, your computer is assigned with a unique IP address which serves as an online identifier for your device. This IP address can be used to trace your computer’s location through the internet and its possible that using which any outside user can break into your computer using malicious software and application tools and this is where IP blocking software role comes into play. This software is used to block other users to trace your IP address. There are various techniques used by this software to ensure that outside users are unable to track down your real IP address like using proxy IPs through private proxy servers. They are particularly useful to protect your online privacy and security i.e. internet surfing as well as the private data and information stored in the computer from hackers and identity thieves.

How to install an IP blocking software?

In order to install the IP blocking software, you have to download the installation file from the publisher’s website. For downloading it, you need to go to the link mentioned below the respective software. Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to the download page of the software. Click the download button and once the file is downloaded, follow the step by step installation procedure to install the file. Some of the software can be used directly from the website for hiding the IP address and do not require any downloading.

Benefits and features of IP blocker

An IP blocking software should have the function of providing complete security and privacy to the user in terms of his internet traffic as well as his private information saved on the computer, so that whenever the user goes online, he should feel safe and secure from any kind of cyber threat. The most significant feature of an IP blocking software is that it should be able to prevent the location of the computer from being tracked through its unique IP address by other users specifically hackers and snoopers who can enter the system of the user and hack it, leaking out all the confidential information. And the only way to prevent the hackers from entering the system is by hiding the real IP address of the user through IP blocking software.

The other important feature of an IP blocker is that the user should be able to access and visit the restricted and censored websites without losing its own privacy to other online users.

9. Great Free windows IP blocking software- Easy Hide IP

easy hide ip1

It’s one of the most frequently used IP blocking software for Windows and a very reliable one. It simply hides your IP address while you are online to make your computer untraceable. It operates by routing your internet traffic through a series of servers that makes it impossible to track your IP address.

10. Great Free Android IP blocking software- Tunnel bear

tunnel bear

This is one of the most preferred software for hiding IP address from hackers and snoopers. Its basically a VPN that hides your IP address by replacing it with a US, UK’s IP address giving you total privacy while online surfing as well as helps you keep your private information confidential.

11. Great Free Mac Os IP blocking software- My IP Hide

my ip hide

This is one of most popular IP blocking software particularly because of its ability to provide incredibly fast proxy service which not only hides your original IP address by an encrypted traffic but also lets you visit restricted and censored sites without any fear of being tracked by hackers.

More IP blocking software for Windows, Mac, and Android platform

For Windows version “Hide All IP”, “Hotspot Shield”, “Betterment” are some of the most popular IP blocking software. “PeerGuardian”, “ExpressVPN”, “Open VPN” are some of the most popular IP blocking software for Mac. For android, some of the popular IP blocking software are “phoney”, “SumRando VPN”.

12. Most popular IP blocker for 2016 is NordVPN


This is one of the world’s most advanced IP blocker. It gives you complete privacy while you are browsing online with unrestricted access to blocked websites. You can also save a lot of time using its superfast customized servers built for the specific type of browsing located across 49 countries.



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