One of the most widely used softwares in the world, both by professionals and other is the IP scanner software. These softwares are used to scan a number of different hosts and thereafter come to gather all the important bits of information derived from them.

In case that you too are looking for a potential IP scanner, settle for any one of the top IP scanner softwares mentioned here under.

1. SoftPerfect network Scanner

softperfect scanner

The SoftPerfect has come to be recognised as one of the best IP scanner softwares online and does a perfect job of scanning different hosts on a LAN platform.

  • The software is used to scan multiple MAC addresses along with a wide variety of host names.
  • SoftPerfect is also used to save the scanning results.
  • The different formats that the scanning results can be saved in, includes- Text, XML, CSV and HTML.
  • Other features of the software that one can enjoy are- file sharing, chatting, bookmarking important scanned information, etc.

2. NETGEAR Genie


When it comes to multi functional IP scanner softwares, one of the most widely recognised and utilised of them is the NETGEAR Genie.

  • The device details of this software include information like the IP address, MAC address, Connection status, O.S. Name, etc.
  • With NETGEAR you are notified, every time one or more new devices get connected to LAN.
  • Some other very important features of the NETGEAR Genie include- monitoring of all the devices that already are or will get connected to your LAN, Providing detailed information on all the networks available around your system, and finally it also provides you with the option of testing your internet speed.

3. Who Is On My WIFI

whos on my wifi

Making its way in the top 3 spot is “Who is on my Wifi”. It not only has a catchy name, but does a lot more to grab the attention of the consumers.

  • The software monitors the LAN Network used by your computer
  • In case that your LAN IP Address is being used by other devices, it produces a detailed scan on them as well.
  • You get a new sound notification, every single time any kind of device gets connected to the LAN Network you are using.
  • The automatic scan feature, after every 2 to 10 minutes scans the LAN Network and any device connected to the Network.

4. EasyNet Monitor


The EasyNet Monitor is one of the most easy to use IP Scanner Systems available online.

  • The moment a new device or system comes in contact with your LAN, the icon of the device on the software becomes green.
  • When the same device is disconnected the icon colour turns red.
  • The software opens in the system tray.
  • Can detect al the devices and systems that try and succeed at connecting with your LAN IP Address.
  • It is one of the smallest softwares with a memory space requirement of only 150 KB.

5. Advanced IP Scanner

advanced ip scanner

The Scanner is extremely fast and user friendly and can be used by non professionals as well.

  • Scans and checks multiple IP Ports
  • Add your favourite ports to the favourites section for speedy scanning later on.
  • Scans different files and saves the information in XML and other file formats.

6. SoftPerfect WIFI Guard

softwarewifi guard

This is one of the most detailed and result driven IP scanner softwares on the list.

  • Apart from detecting the different devices and system connected to the LAN, but also derives a number of information about them, which include- Device type, Device name, IP address, MAC address, and also the vendor.
  • It rescans the devices that have been connected to the LAN, between 0-60 minutes.

7. IP Range- Angry IP Scanner


This software is a JAVA based software which works equally well at scanning devices connected to your LAN Network as the ones mentioned above.

  • It is used to scan all the present IP addresses, and their connectivity status
  • It saves all the scanned results in an easy to read Text format.
  • It is one of the best cross platform softwares in the market.

Choose from the top 7 IP Scanner Softwares here for the most fruitful and efficient IP Scanning experience. These will without a doubt derive for you the most authentic and detailed information at free of cost.

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