Nowadays, technology has made it possible to hide your computer’s IP address.  There are free IP switch tools that allow changing of win server, network masks, default printer, and default gateway. It is now possible when you are in different places.

There is an IP switch that allows for automatic changing to different IP addresses. Most of the IP switch tools are user-friendly and users will find it easy to change their location from anywhere, at any time.

1. Betternet


Betternet is an internet security platform that allows you to get access to different websites. It ensures that the user has the anonymity needed for protection for your data. There is no registration required for this tool. When using this IP switch software, you do not have to worry about irritating ads. Furthermore, you can get access to movie channels and music anytime.

2. Hide All IP

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The hide all IP software offers chat services and Instant messenger, web blogs, and web-based email. You can do all these without revealing your location. Apart from that, it supports applications such as TCP games and P2P video player. You are guaranteed of getting your privacy when browsing.

3. SumRando VPN

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This IP software tool allows you to hide your location while at the same time keeping you safe from hackers and censors. Your security is guaranteed since this tool uses encryption technologies that are advanced. This means that you will get the convenience you need when browsing.

4. OpenVPN

open vpn

The private tunnel tool enables you to prevent cyber threats. You get the protection wherever you go. You can trust this IP switch software is suitable for critical applications. It can be used for IOS, android, OSX and windows. Private tunnel allows you to take control of your privacy and security.

5. VPN


This software ensures that your personal information is kept safe and secure. Using this IP switch, you can unblock any website. You can browse without fear of spies and hackers. The good thing about using this software to hide your IP is that your logs are not stored when you browse online.

6. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn

Cyberghost software is easy to use and provides safe browsing. There are no ads that will prevent your browsing experience. It is transparent because of its ISO certification. Cyber Ghost software can detect any dangerous website that may cause harm to your personal computer. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. It is available for windows, android and, and IOS among other platforms.

7. Hotspot Shield

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Hot shield software for hiding IP address is the fastest way to enable secure data and unblock websites. It is compatible with windows, MAC, IOS, windows mobile and android.  Your personal information will be safe whether you are working in public, at work or at home. It also allows you to unblock proxy giving you access to videos, social, media, and games.

Other IP Switch Software for Different Platforms

There are different IP switch software available in the market today. Each platform has its own specific software. This IP switch software is meant for different operating systems. Here are just some of the IP switch software that is used for windows, android, and even Mac.

FilehIPpo – Windows IP Software

8. Free IP Switcher 2.6

free ip switcher 2

The filehIPpo IP switch is lightweight and allows for switching between network settings quickly. It is a easy way to use tool that shows the information needed. It allows the user to change network settings such as proxy settings, network masks, default printer and DNS dedicated server. Additionally, it comes with a system-tray icon.

9. Switcher-Android IP Software


This software enables you to change your IP with a lot of ease. It is very simple and all you have to do is just click on the change IP button. The IP address will be changed instantly. However, it works only on mobile data.

10. Tuxler-MAC IP Switch Software


The tuxler is an app which enables users to instantly change the IP address. It can also be used for accessing blocked sites. It provides a list of proxies that you can choose. The list makes it a lot easier to change from one country’s IP to the next.

11. Nordvpn – Popular 2016 IP Switch Software


One of the best IP switch tools for 2016 is nordvpn. It has speed and has a high-level encryption. There is 30-day money back guarantee. It can support several devices. Nordvpn is simple and easy to use. Besides, it is compatible with all the operating systems.

What is IP Switch Software?

IP software refers to programs used to change the location of an IP address, gateway address and moving to another network. This software has  several features that users enjoy. A good number of the IP switch software can be used on windows, MAC, IOS, android and among other platforms. Most of these tools are simple and users will not have a hard time. They offer a privacy of personal information and help to easily hide the IP address. IP switch applications offer users with a way to change their location without any sweat. All that is needed is just a clicking on a button.

How to Install IP Switch Software

IP switch software can be installed easily without much effort. Simply verify that it is the version that is ideal for your purposes, and then download the IP switch software that you want; the installation process will start. When installing IP switch tools on mobile systems, go to their respective operating system stores and download the installer; the OS will install the IP switch tools automatically.

IP switch software is suitable for people who change their work environment frequently. You can make use of this software to protect your information and change your location with ease. The IP address you change will suit your specific location. The change will enable you to browse the web and carry on with your work without any issues. It will be a lot easier to change when you

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