Providing cleaning service keeps your hands full. Aside from getting occupied by manual labor, it also binds you with administrative tasks. That said, ensure to stay competitive, not only with the quality of your work but also with the customer experience. Optimize results as early as now by going digital with your processes using robust janitor software.

10+ Best Janitor Software

1. Janitorial Manager

janitorial manager


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $50/month


2. CleanTelligent



Rating: 4.2/5

Price: $49/Month


3. Swept



Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


4. Jobber



Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $35/Month


5. Ai Field Management

ai field management


Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $7.99/Month


6. TaskAim



Rating: 4/5

Price: $34.00/Month


7. freshOps



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: FREE


8. Accelerator CC

accelerator cc


Rating: 3.8/5

Price: $50.00/Month


9. OrangeQC



Rating: 5/5

Price: $500/Month


10. CleanBid



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Custom


11. Smart Inspect

smart inspect


Rating: 3.6/5

Price: $225/Month


What Is Janitor Software?

Janitor software is a modern solution for commercial cleaning businesses and individuals that offer janitorial services. It helps digitize efforts for managing business functions and daily operations. With this, end-users can have an integrated platform that centralizes data and provides a collection of digital tools necessary to manage customers and oversee resource management processes.

Also, it has data analytics for measuring business performance and delving deeper into essential details to generate better business insights. In addition, it has functionalities for setting up a web portal and for managing transactions online.


This software allows you to generate and process the documents and paperwork electronically, saving you the money you spend on paper and ink. Using this software also reduces workload, allowing you and your team to focus on tasks that drive growth. On top of that, it makes it more convenient for both parties to communicate and transact, which enhances the overall client experience. 


With the software market providing plenty of options, choosing the software to invest in and incorporate into your processes can get overwhelming. That said, ensure to analyze what causes your resources to leak and study the gaps in your operations. Generate a checklist of the services you need to look for in your software and the aspects you need to consider. You may want to include their pricing plans, interface designs, and the digital devices it supports. The following are features you should also look into:

Top 10 Janitor Software

1. Jobber

With this appointment scheduling solution, you can streamline processes for overseeing online booking and employee management. They have 531 employees on their team and have 97.8 million dollars in revenue.

2. CleanTelligent

This field service management software has functionalities for inspection management and ticket scanning. They have 35 people working for them and have 5.1 million dollars in revenue.

3. TaskAim

TaskAim is a hospitality property management software with bidding and maintenance management features. They have over 5 million dollars in revenue and have less than 25 employees.

4. Janitorial Manager

This janitorial software has job management and scheduling capabilities. They have generated a revenue of over 3 million dollars and have 32 people on their team.

5. Accelerator CC

Accelerator CC is a commercial cleaning solution that provides end-users with client management capabilities and a billing & invoicing system. They have a revenue of 3 million dollars and have two people on their team.

6.  Swept

With this software for commercial cleaning businesses, you can access inventory control and routing tools. They have 1.3 million dollars in generated revenue and have 16 employees.

7.  Ai Field Management

Using this janitorial software will help you improve your resource management and payroll management processes. They have employed five people and have 944 thousand dollars in generated revenue.

8. CleanBid

Proposal generation and mobile access capabilities are features you can use in this bid management software. Its developer, CleanGuru, has generated a revenue of 660 thousand dollars and has employed three people.

9. freshOps

Functionalities for timesheet management and cleaning checklist management are accessible in this janitorial software. They have employed four people and have a revenue of 580 thousand dollars.

10. OrangeQC

Functionalities for quality control management and a customer database are accessible in this janitor software. They have three employees working for them and have 435 thousand dollars in revenue. 


How does digital transformation help janitorial businesses?

Utilizing modern technology to modernize how you provide your services helps you access data and resources to implement better practices to meet customer demands. It establishes your online presence making your brand more accessible and maximizing your digital marketing efforts. Another benefit of digital transformation in businesses offering cleaning services is it improves your overall procedure, which increases customer satisfaction.

What is a bid proposal?

A bid proposal in the commercial cleaning industry is the document that organizations generate containing specific details about what they can offer clients. It includes costs, the scope of services included, plans, and the timeline for the job. The main goal of composing this proposal is to persuade clients to pay for your services.

What are essential tips for improving janitorial services?

Having the platform to run online inspections improves your overall janitorial services. It optimizes your services and allows you to remotely track team performance and determine whether or not you have met customers’ expectations. Having instant messaging and chat capabilities with the feature to exchange multimedia files promotes better team collaboration and streamlines customer communications.

Build better relationships with clients and establish customer loyalty while engaging your employees with impressive business management practices with the digital solution that perfectly suits you. Get the best janitor software for you as early as now and get your desired results within your reach with just a few clicks.

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