As the number of digital audiences continues to increase by the day, shifting to digital methods to share your content for educational and marketing purposes is a crucial step for staying competitive in the industry. Secure the tool that will help you breeze through the process as you learn more about Java CMS software.

8+ Java CMS Software

1. Jahia



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Custom


2. dotCMS



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $1400/Month


3. Bloomreach



Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $10,000/Month


4. Magnolia



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


5. Evoq Content

evoq content


Rating: 4.3/5

Price: $2.999/Month


6. Crafter CMS

crafter cms


Rating: 5/5

Price: $39/Year


7. OpenCms



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


8. Alfresco Content Services

alfresco content services


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $33500/Year


9. Enonic XP

enonic xp


Rating: 4/5

Price: $765/Month


What Is Java CMS Software?

Java CMS software is a solution designed using the Java programming language. It streamlines the processes for generating and managing digital content, keeping track of the changes made by contributors, and allowing end-users to schedule the publishing of the content. With this web content management solution, you can have a centralized view of your processes for better control over tasks and enhanced monitoring for processes. Also, it has data analytics tools, giving end-users better insights into how people are engaging with the content. 


Using this software allows you to keep track of the progress of your digital content as it goes through multiple adjustments and versions, making way for better team collaboration and avoiding conflicts and complications in the process. Also, it reduces workload and increases efficiency, which heightens employee productivity and improves results. 


Getting the right software is a crucial factor that significantly contributes to the success of your operations. That said, ensure to explore and get familiar with the available options you can find in the software market to single out the software that suits your organization and meets your needs the best. Also, you should select the one that gives you the capability for configuration for more flexibility and scalability in your processes. The essential aspects you should consider are their pricing plans, service offerings, and the following features:

Top 10 Java CMS Software

1. Bloomreach

With this marketing platform, you can use template management tools and A/B testing capabilities. They have 851 employees and have 178 million dollars in generated revenue.

2. Magnolia

With this headless CMS solution, you can streamline the processes for improving your SEO management and content publishing practices. They have 19 million dollars in revenue and have 131 people on their team.

3. Alfresco Content Services

Alfresco is an enterprise content management software with optical character recognition and file sharing features. They have 300 people in their team and have 63 million dollars in revenue.

4. Jahia

This content management system offers website analytics and forms management functionalities. They have 76 employees in their team and have 15.5 million dollars in revenue. 

5. OpenCms

OpenCms offers a search function and content staging capabilities to users. Its developer, Comundus, has over 5 million dollars in revenue and has 29 employees in its team.

6. Enonic XP

Functionalities for multi-channel distribution and image editing are accessible in this digital solution. They have 28 employees and have a revenue of 5 million dollars.

7. CentricMinds

Survey management and newsletter management tools are features you can use in this internet software. They have generated a revenue of 5 million dollars and have employed 27 people.

8. dotCMS

This Java CMS software has tools for document management and text editing. They have a generated revenue of 4.8 million dollars and have 25 people working for them.

9. Evoq Content

With Evoq Content, you can simplify the complexities involved in version control and approval process control. Its software company, DNN Software, has 43 employees working for them and has 4.5 million dollars in revenue.

10. Crafter CMS

Crafter CMS is a digital solution that provides users with indexing and advanced filtering tools. They have employed 15 people and have a revenue of 4 million dollars.


Why is content management essential?

Content management ensures you deliver expected results throughout the content lifecycle to attain strategic goals. It makes it easier to make changes and pivot strategies based on data for more informed methods and decisions. With this, you can limit and put restrictions on who gets access and who can edit digital content to maintain security while at the same time ensuring effective team collaboration.

What is Java technology?

Java is a programming language that developers use for coding web applications. Developers rely on this technology and write their applications using Java to ensure it runs on the majority of existing operating systems. Also, it boosts the performance of the developed software solutions while optimizing costs on the process for designing them.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the approach to expanding the customer base by putting customer engagement as the main focus for the strategy. It involves using varying media elements to spark interest and stimulate the desired reaction from the audience to convert prospects and increase customer loyalty. Vlogs, written blogs, and infographics are examples of content marketing methods.

Gone are the days for wasting money and time printing and distributing hard copy documents which bring back disappointing results. Go digital with your content management processes and do it seamlessly with the best Java CMS software to back you up. Get your very own software today and employ more agile methods in your journey to improving brand awareness and increasing business profitability.

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