The JavaScript Minify Software is highly opted for and used by professionals. These software are used to minify all your different scripts into tinier tracks, with the help of unique techniques used for compression of the same. Web developers are one of the main parties using these software and are continuously looking for better options with every passing day.

Here is the list of top 7 JavaScript Minify Software options that have been making their way to the top, for quite some time now.

1. JSMin

When looking for the best JavaScript Minify Software, there is hardly anyone that surpasses the functional potential of the JSMin. It is one of the most widely used JavaScript Minify Software by professionals.

  • The job of a good JavaScript Minify Software is to eliminate unnecessary characters and symbols from the source code. The JSMin does the same and more by also removing white spaces and unnecessary comments from the java script and efficiently minifying it.
  • It helps to reduce the size of the file to half its original size fairly quickly. This makes it easier and faster to download.
  • It depletes the downloading price of literary and fresh self documents.

2. Packer

Another great JavaScript Minify Software that makes its appearance in the top spots of this list is the packer.

  • The software has been recognised to efficiently carve the characteristics of your java script code and produce a minified code within moments.
  • All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the JavaScript Minifying tool and press the “Pack” button.
  • This will do the trick.
  • It is a feature rich program and can deliver other functions apart from the compaction of java script.

3. YUI Compressor

One of the best JavaScript Minify Softwares that makes its way to the top three positions on this list is the YUI Compressor.

  • The YUI Compressor has been introduced as a command line tool
  • It is printed in JAVA
  • It is faster than a lot of other minifying tolls and minifies JAVA Script files very quickly.
  • In comparison to the other softwares on this list and beyond, the YUI Compressor put forward 100% security for your script.

4. Google Closure Compiler

It is one of the fastest formulating and downloading Java Script minifier and is recognised for its extremely well executed function. That is what puts it on this list.

  • It compiles and compresses ordinary Java Script files and turns them into a superior JavaScript.
  • This multifunctional tool is used to- compile your Java Script, evaluate your Java Script, eradicates the different dull codes, rewrite the code without the unnecessary characteristics, and delete all the leftovers.
  • Other functions put forward by the software include- verifying of syntax, notifying against drawbacks in the
  • Java Script, providing changeable suggestions, etc.


The is one of the greatest and fastest JavaScript Minify Software on the net.

  • It can within moments compress and minify your Java Scripts and reduce their sizes anywhere between 30 to 90%.
  • It can be used to delete unnecessary comments and useless white spaces quickly.
  • The script performs more speedily and also downloads faster.

6. Dojo ShrinkSafe

The Dojo ShrinkSafe is one of the few JavaScript Minify Softwares that comes with a rhino library. This allows it to not only compress the Java Script files effectively but also minifies the local variable names.

  • The program style allows munching down on the total size of the file naturally.
  • It is one of the safest script minifying tools and does the job impeccably fast.
  • You can use scripts without modifying them.

7. AjaxminUi

The AjaxminUi is a fantastic JavaScript Minify Software and does its job exceedingly well.

  • It not only minifies the files but also puts them in folders and nested folders.
  • It verifies and influences the productivity of the minifier.
  • Opens productive folder when the minifying function comes to an end.

When looking for an efficient JavaScript Minify Software, any of the softwares mentioned above can fetch you your desired results. These come at little to no cost at all and are really benefitting.

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