The karaoke community has been growing day by day. As technology has been evolving and now we carry almost everything in our pockets, karaoke machines have never been left behind. Application developers has also made it possible for us to have a karaoke party anywhere with us. Here is a list of best karaoke apps that every karaoke fun should have.

1. Karaoke Sing & Record

karaoke sing record

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This is a super awesome app developed by the Yokee team of developers with an aim of ensuring karaoke experience is felt anywhere. The application is regularly updated to ensure that it has minimal flaws and it is up to date. Karaoke Sing & Record has a wide range of features and it’s a recommendable android app for all karaoke fans.

2. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

red karaoke sing record 1

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Red Karaoke Sing & Record is another product of Yokee Developers. It is kind of similar to the Karaoke Sing & Record though there are slight difference on the User interface. The Red Karaoke Sing & Record android app offers its users a decent collection of songs straddling over 100 different genres. Just like the other Yokeee Karaoke Sing & Record, Red Karaoke allows its users to record themselves singing and play back the recording with friends and family.

3. Kids Karaoke

karaoke for kids

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People think Karaoke is just an adult thing, but that’s just a belief, because even kids perform better in a karaoke. In fact, it is very beneficial to those kids who are learning how to read, it makes the learning exercise full of fun. Kids Karaoke is the best application for children’s karaoke. The app is designed with kid’s friendly interface and it stands out as the one of the best karaoke app for kids.

4. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

sing karaoke by smule

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Here is another amazing karaoke app developed by a popular karaoke developer. Sing! Allows users to record karaoke version and also enrich your vocals. The application Sing! Karaoke by Smule has capability of sharing all of you recordings to social media for critics and likes that is you are brave enough. All in all Sing! Karaoke by Smule is worth a try and also worth your time.

5. Karaoke Rush

karaoke rush

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If you have a horrible voice when it comes into singing and you want to get involved in the Karaoke stuff, then here is a good story for you. Karaoke Rush is a typical game in which you play as member of staff in a Karaoke club, all you need to do is work and progress up the corporate ladder. The work involves making sure that every karaoke artiste reaches their Karaoke boxes that contain a microphone and kept happy. The games is all about management spiced with karaoke thing.
For all those people who love Karaoke and they have to wait for karaoke event to happen, this is a mind opener. Almost every app reviewed here is free and available on Google play store. Hope you enjoyed reading and the article was of benefit you.

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