–Little kids and even kids-at-heart are mostly into cute felines such as the famous Sanrio character, Hello Kitty.. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary for invitations to have this kind of theme to go with kitty-themed parties. You can search online if you want to find kitty Party Invitations.

The upside of using kitty designs is that it is not limited to a certain gender, age, or event. Birthday parties, baby shower parties, and other parties can possibly use this style. Search for templates such as those invitations below to start customizing yours.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

hello kitty party invitation

Printable Kitty Invitation

printable kitty party invitation

Kitty Cat Photo Birthday Invitation

kitty photo birthday party invitation

Kitty Party Wording Invitation

kitty party invitation wording

Kitty Photo Birthday Invitation

kitty birthday party invitation


What Should Be the Content of Your Invitation?

Whatever the occasion is, the contents of an invitation would most likely be the same. The only difference
Tea Party Invitation Templates would have when compared to a birthday party invitation is the purpose of the event. Here are some things that shouldn’t be missed out when making an invitation.

  • Date and Time of Event The details of the event would always be present in an invitation. It is the most obvious content because it is the core detail of the event.
  • Directions to the Venue – If the venue of an event is hard to find, full directions on how to get there should be enclosed in the invitation. But, if it is easy to find, like a famous establishment, for example, the basic address would be enough to be included.
  • Contact Information for RSVP – Invited guests would need your number or even the representative of the celebrant’s contact information that they can send their responses to. They can also use these contact details in case they need to clarify something like gift registry or means of transportation to your venue.

Personalized Hello Kitty Invitation

personalized kitty party invitation

Kitty Cat Invitation for Party

kitty cat party invitation

Free Printable Invitation

free printable kitty party invitation

Printable DIY Kitty Party Invitation

diy kitty party invitation

Cute Kitty Cat Party Invitation

cute kitty party invitation


Some Tips for Party Invitations

Making invitations is easier nowadays especially with Party Invitation Templates that you can download or some samples in PSD format that you can just edit. To make it even easier, here are a few tips that you can apply to the invitation you are working on. These are not definitive ideas but still are helpful to you.

  • Use photos on cover pages – People love to see photos on cards, whether they are for birthdays, holidays, or even graduations. These photos make your guests more captivated and also persuades them to attend when they see how much the celebrant has changed since they last saw them.
  • Be creative in the final layout –Although templates have themes already, remember that you can also change and customize every detail. You can remove extra designs that you don’t want to include and at the same time, add in new ones that you think will fit in more.
  • Choose good colors to match your design – If you think the colors used on the templates do not match your taste, you have the freedom to change which color is used. Select something more delightful to have a better-looking invitation card to use.

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