With the arrival of internet technology, one comes across different languages that are for sure difficult to understand. By translating those unknown languages to the native, one can easily grasp their meaning.

There are several language translation online and offline translators available. By searching the Google using “language translation software free download” on the web one can find many software.

1. Ginger

ginger 3

Ginger is one of the popular professional translation software.

It is a freeware and its main features are

  • Allows translation between 40 different languages including German, French and others
  • Simple to use, just input the text and choose the language to translate
  • Gives an error free translated output

2. Free Language software

free language software

This is one of the most reliable language software.

Its main features are

  • It supports more than 40 languages
  • Automatic source language detector and accuracy calculator
  • Easy to use with drag and drop facility to input the text to translate
  • Allows to build custom directory

3. Easy Translator

easy translator

Easy Translator is easy to use software and comes with free trial version.

Its main features are

  • Supports 58 languages to translate and user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited input text support
  • Has editing features like copy, paste and cut for texts
  • Facility to print translations instantaneously

4. gTranslate

gtranslate 1

gTranslate works in Firefox and simple to use translator.

Its main features are

  • Supports numerous languages for translation
  • Automatic detection of language
  • Facility to translate single words and small texts
  • Facility to translate image descriptions and links

5. Systran’s translation software

systrans translation software

This software supports more than 52 languages for translation. It is free online software and

its main features are

  • Ability to translate any text, file or web page very quickly
  • Detects languages automatically
  • Simple and easy to use interface

6. Power Translator

power translator

Power Translator comes with different versions like Pro, Personal etc.

It comes with free trial version and its main features are

  • Precise, quick and flexible
  • Allows translation from any program with ease
  • Facility to translate letters, emails and blogs
  • Supports many languages

7. Personal translator

personal translator

Personal translator is great software known for its rapid and effective translations. One need to purchase to use this software

its main features are

  • It has intelligent technology for astonishing translations
  • It can translate huge data
  • It has excellent time-saving while doing translation operations
  • Integrates effortlessly with Microsoft Office

8. Cute Translator

cute translator

Cute Translator is powerful software that can handle up to 53 languages. It comes with free trial version and

its main features are

  • Ability to translate documents, email and chat communications
  • Easy to use, just copy and paste to translate
  • Has text-to-speech engine to hear the translations

9. FreeTranslator


FreeTranslator is a freeware and supports many languages for translation.

Its main features are

  • Good flexible options and very easy to use
  • Easy and friendly interface and instinctive
  • Does not require installation, can launch the software using executable file
  • Quite fast operation and takes very less time to translate

Varieties and details of translation software

In the market many varieties of language software are available and its use is on the raise. Some translator software use linguistic database to translate from one language to another. They are quite reliable and generally have fast output. Some translator software uses searchable database to store terms and rules for their usage. This type of software produces good quality output and gives perfectly translated words. Automated translation based software are the result of technological innovations and the output is based on rules or statistical. Software that uses localization helps to confine all the elements like strings and menu dialog.

Importance of using language translator software

With increase in global marketing opportunities one is compelled to communicate with the clients and people in general in their native language. While it is impossible one to learn all the languages, the language translator software comes in handy to tackle the communication issues. While human translators are bound to cost quite a lot, with the help of language translator software one can easily do the job. Many leading companies rely on the software for all their translation purposes with complete confidence. Some of the software even allows one to translate the contents of a website which published in alien language to native language.

Translator software for Indian languages

One can find on the web Indian language translation software which is meant exclusively for Indian languages. By searching in Google using “language translation software free download for all language” one can find free downloads and they can be utilized. And to be more specific with language one to one Indian language translation software can be found on the web using Google search engine like “English to Hindi language translation software free download”, “English to Tamil language translation software free download” and “English to Marathi language translation software free download”.

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